New AKA Players Madden 23 – New Players Added In (96 & 97 Overall)!

New AKA Players Madden 23 were added in the game. Fans will undoubtedly want to obtain The New Class Madden 23 Program, which features a brand-new group of NFL talent from the 2022 season. Madden 23, this programme features a special group of athletes that honour the cherished nicknames they gave yourself while playing in NFL.

For the time of Season 3, Ultimate Team has revealed 3 new AKA players Madden 23 each Sunday before their in-game release on the subsequent Monday. This has changed since the first drop. Similar to the first AKA Program Madden 23, every drop includes two fresh faces from Madden 23 AKA New Class.

Except that this time, fans may also purchase a new Limited Edition AKA players Madden 23 that comes with each release. However in this post we will see all New AKA Players Madden 23 of 96 overall and 97 overall. Which is given in the next paragraph.

New AKA Players Madden 23

96 Overall New AKA Players Madden 23 :-

Here are all the New AKA Players Madden 23 (96 overall)given below:

  • Lamar Jackson (QB) – AKA Big Truzz
  • A.J. Dillon (HB) – AKA Quadfather
  • Tyreek Hill (WR) – AKA Cheetah
  • Ryan Jensen (C) – AKA Red Tornado
  • J.J. Watt (LE) – AKA Milk Man
  • Stephon Gilmore (CB) – AKA Gilly Lock
  • Jamal Adams (SS) – AKA Prez
  • Jamie Gillan (P) – AKA The Scottish Hammer
  • Marcedes Lewis (TE) – AKA Big Dog
  • Jason Pierre-Paul (RE) – AKA JPP
  • Matt Ryan (QB) – AKA Matty Ice
  • Tyrann Mathieu (FS) – AKA Honey Badger

New AKA Players Madden 23

97 Overall New AKA Players Madden 23 :-

Here are all the New AKA Players Madden 23 (97 overall)given below:

  • DeAndre Hopkins (WR) – AKA D-Hop
  • Denzel Ward (CB) – AKA The Warden
  • Terron Armstead (LT) – AKA The Terror
  • Maxx Crosby (RE) – AKA Mad Maxx
  • Joe Burrow (QB) – AKA Joe Shiesty
  • Pat Surtain II (CB) – AKA PS2

New AKA Players Madden 23


1) What is Madden 23 AKA New Class?

Madden 23 AKA New Class is a show that showcases current athletes who go by the nicknames also known as AKA 96, 90, 96.16.


2) What Is Madden 23 AKA The New Class Challenges?

The MUT Challenges menu contains a list of challenges that go along with the AKA New Class players. Every AKA New Class participant receives three tasks to complete, same like the prior AKA Program. However keep in mind that these challenges do not apply to Limited Edition gamers.

As you advance through the challenge tiers, you can unlock a variety of incentives whenever you accomplish each of those three challenges with the maximum number of stars for each player, such as 5,000 MUT coins, AKA New Class Tokens, and 88 and 89 Overall AKA New Class Fantasy Packs.


3) Who Is The Best Player In Madden 23?

Big Play Slay is most likely the best option when selecting a free AKA player from the single challenge reward. He has a surprising 88 hit power for a cornerback and 93 speed.

He also has 94 man coverage, 94 zone coverage, 94 press, as well as 94 press. He can simply be moved down your depth chart when your team adds stronger CBs, thus he should last for some time on most teams.

In addition to his intriguing Moniker X-Factor, he may equip Acrobat for two AP and Pick Artist for one AP. Slay can purchase a customised version of Universal Coverage for 2 AP that lasts on 4 downs and triggers every 11 plays. One of the very few AKA X-Factors that is worthwhile to run, perhaps.


4) What Are The Difficulty In The Game?

You have the option to select Rookie, Pro, All-Pro, or The all depending on your skill level. The easiest level is Rookie, while the hardest is All-Madden.

You have a choice in game style regarding how you wish to play. The over-the-top action in Arcade Mode features incredible plays, tonnes of scoring, and little penalties. With real NFL regulations and games, you can play according to the player and team ratings in simulation mode.


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