Destiny 2 Traveler Leaving the Earth 2023

A few significant occasions like Destiny 2 Traveler Leaving the Earth 202, happened during the finish of Season 19 in Destiny 2, Time of the Seraph. That was the result of over a decade of narrative. Rasputin died tragically in the end. Eramis was carrying out her plot to destroy the Traveler with the help of the hijacked warsats. The Traveler started to run. Lightfall has arrived.

We have barely any familiarity with the Traveler Destiny 2 that it’s upsetting. Starting around 2014, both in-game and off, NPCs and Watchmen have been left to hypothesize on what the Traveler is and why it exists. 

Destiny 2 Traveler Leaving the Earth 2023

What would happen to Guardians if the Traveler left Earth?

The Whirlwind was the first recorded incident of this. Under the Traveler Destiny 2, they benefited from improved technology, longer life spans, and many other advantages. When the Night arrived, however, the Traveler abandoned the Eliksni to fight for themselves. Others pursued it and ended up as the Fallen in the Sol system.

The Traveler sought to flee again amid the Fall of humanity’s golden period. It bestowed the same talents to humans as it did on the Eliksni for unknown reasons. When the Darkness encroached once again, the Traveler Destiny 2 sought to leave but came to a halt for unclear reasons. For quite a while, it was expected that Rasputin had started shooting at the Traveler to keep it from escaping, yet the warmind uncovered that this was not the situation.

The Traveler Destiny 2 built a safe haven above what would become the Last City on Earth as the Darkness flooded across the Sol system. As a result of this disaster, the Traveler used Ghosts to revive soldiers who would later become Guardians. It has been on Earth ever since.

Destiny 2 Traveler Leaving the Earth 2023

Destiny 2 Traveler Leaving the Earth 2023

The Darkness has come for the Traveler for the third time in recorded history. The Traveler has sought to depart once more. With direct orders from the Witness, Eramis prepared to carry out Rasputin’s ABHORRENT IMPERATIVE and kill the Traveler. On Rasputin’s orders, Ana Bray disconnected the warmind, thereby shutting down the warsat network. 

The Traveler survived but came to a halt for unclear reasons. Some, such as Commander Zavala, think it will not forsake mankind. The Witness, on the other hand, believes that the Traveler isn’t rushing because it has nowhere to go. Its Light, we know, may be trapped, twisted, and destroyed. This can then have an effect on Guardians and Ghosts, robbing them of their abilities.

Will Traveler really Leave the Earth

It is just guesswork as to why the Traveler might escape. We have a wild hypothesis. Imagine a scenario where the Explorer is certainly not a conscious animal and is rather a develop. Consider the possibility that it was planned to hold a solitary animal and to utilize the assets of anything that framework it was in to keep its detainee secured. What if the Witness is imprisoned within the Traveler and the Darkness is yearning to free them?

This explains why the Darkness is pursuing the Traveler. If the Traveler is unable to fight back, this might explain why it retreats. That would also explain why the Guardians were created. With nowhere to flee, why not organize a defensive force to keep the prisoner under surveillance, even if unknowingly?

Notwithstanding this outlandish hypothesis, we do know one thing that is supported by historical data. The Traveler Destiny 2 is unconcerned about anybody or anything other than itself. There is no escaping the fact that the world is ending. We don’t sure what it is, but it’s evident that the Light has its own purpose, and perhaps the Guardians aren’t fighting on the right side.

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