How to Claim Past Season Rewards Destiny 2

Claim Past Season Rewards Destiny 2’s decision to become free-to-play has added a battle pass in the style of Fortnite. If players wish to receive the benefits buried beneath each tier, they must labor in the game. Even if they acquired the premium season pass, there’s a risk they’ll miss them. But don’t worry. If you don’t mind completing a little additional work, you can claim prior season awards.

It seems harsh that, in a game about riches, Bungie chooses to conceal some of its greatest stuff behind a barrier. Moreover, even if you succumb and buy the pass to access the prize, you’ll still have to grind. Perhaps you don’t have enough time. It’s conceivable that you won’t be able to accomplish all of the season prizes. The hardest thing is that you must claim all of the incentives before the season finishes. You’re out of luck if you forget.

Claim Past Season Rewards Destiny 2

Can you Claim Past Season Rewards Destiny 2

Because the game will not allow you to collect previous season awards when the season finishes. Yet, unlike Fortnite, it does not automatically claim them for you. There is, however, a technique to obtain former awards from any season. As the new season begins, users will be able to collect their previous season’s awards on They will, however, be unable to attend any other season except the one immediately before it. Don’t worry, it doesn’t imply the previous seasons aren’t present. 

You just cannot see them. This is where the user-created browser extension comes into play. Season Pass Pass, created by Josh Hunt, goes into Bungie’s API and pulls every prior season pass sitting in the code, enabling users to collect any benefits they missed from every season. Install the extension, log into Past Season Rewards Destiny 2’s current season pass website, and then utilize the extension to go to earlier passes in Claim Past Season Rewards Destiny 2’s library if you want to use it.

Claim Past Season Rewards Destiny 2

How to Claim Past Season Rewards Destiny 2?

In this article, we’ll go through how to obtain all of the prior season pass benefits in Past Season Rewards Destiny 2, which isn’t all that difficult. Recall that you may just claim rewards that you’ve opened in past seasons.

Step 1: Download the Extension

 To start, download (Firefox and Chrome) and introduce Josh Chase’s “Season Pass” internet browser expansion. You might claim the awards directly from Bungie’s site with this module.

Step 2: Link Profile

After installing the extension, log in to your profile, which is also linked to your Destiny 2 account. In the wake of registering to your record, click the expansion (a yellow ticket with a Destiny logo on it), and pick any earlier season by tapping on the drop-down menu choice “Change past season”. Following that, go to this page on Bungie’s site. This will lead you to the Past Seasons page, where you may collect all of the awards.

Step 3: Claim Rewards

You may now get the season pass goodies for your chosen Destiny 2 season. Just click on one of the available incentives to claim it. If you want to change the season, just click on the extension and select another season from the “Claim Past Season Rewards Destiny 2” drop-down option before refreshing the website. If you scroll down the page, you’ll see a list of the season pass benefits that have yet to be claimed.

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