Wild Hearts Performance Patch Latest Update 2023

A Wild Hearts Performance Patch is on the way, according to developer Omega Force, who acknowledges performance concerns that hampered the game’s debut and claims to have made considerable changes already. With its unconventional weaponry and massive adversaries, Capcom’s Monster Hunter rival offers a lot of potential, but many players, even on high-spec Computers, report difficulties like frame rate dips, screen tearing, and texture pop-in.

A member of the Wild Hearts development team posts an update on the game’s Reddit page, thanking players who have joined in the fun since the game’s debut but admitting that “many difficulties” have impacted the experience for some. “A patch will be distributed next week for all platforms” with repairs and upgrades, it claims.

Wild Hearts Performance Patch Latest Update 2023

Wild Hearts Performance Patch  Error Fix 

Among the immediately cited issues is a remedy for a CPU threading problem. According to Omega Force, in testing, this modification resulted in “much enhanced performance on high end Computers.” There is also a patch for visual distortions seen by gamers using AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX graphics cards.

Wild Hearts Performance Patch default resolution will now be 1080p, according to Omega Force. “We observed many users are running greater resolutions than the recommended requirements can reliably handle,” it continues. As a result, the Wild Hearts system requirements will be adjusted, and the company will “continue to optimize in this area.” Furthermore, the team has said that a remedy for audio desync issues is in the works and will be released in a subsequent patch.

Our Wild Hearts Performance Patch review is still in process, but the game’s novel features and the great initial impression created by the bigger Wild Hearts creatures have piqued our interest, but the excruciating Wild Hearts Performance Patch issues make it tough to enjoy as intended. Hopefully, the future patch will make significant changes, because the game itself has a lot of potential. In the meantime, check out the top Monster Hunter games to get your dose.

Wild Hearts Performance Patch Latest Update 2023

Wild Hearts Performance Patch Latest Update

The Wild Hearts Performance Patch issued by an EA community manager were mostly concerned with improving the game’s PC version’s present status. They have, however, promised to offer a few PS5-specific changes in a future patch. That being said, you can get more familiar with the progressions by perusing the patch notes underneath. The following patch notes will be included in the next week’s update:

  • A problem with CPU threading has been resolved. On high-end PCs, performance has substantially improved.
  • AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX visual artifacts have been removed. Under the settings menu, you can now turn off reflections.
  • At the point when you open the game interestingly, the goal will presently be 1080p.
  • We observed that many users are using resolutions that are higher than the suggested spec can properly handle.
  • We are at present refreshing the recommended particular direction on the web and will keep on upgrading around here.
  • On the off chance that you are happy with running the game at higher goals, you can continue to do so and pick various goals from the choices menu.
  • More stability and bug fixes.

The following are the additional issues that will be addressed in a future patch:

  • Audio desync problems are being addressed. For the time being, restarting the game will usually solve the problem.
  • Upon starting the game on the PS5, a rare crash occurs.

It’s a positive sign that EA and Koei Tecmo are working rapidly to resolve the game-breaking defects that have been discovered thus far. It remains to be seen, though, if the impending upgrade will be sufficient to permanently address them.

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