How to Get Demon Rock Wild Hearts 2023

Players will discover a plethora of crafting materials to acquire as they explore Demon Rock Wild Hearts. The great bulk of these will be obtained by defeating Kemono. These ingredients will change depending on the rank of the Giant Kemono. If you want the greatest resources, you must take on the more dangerous Kemono kinds. Minor/small Demon Rock Wild Hearts, on the other hand, drop crafting ingredients that you may cultivate. Certain resources may be found in the open world, albeit they vary by area.

Our location guide for Demon Rock Wild Hearts will help you find the item quickly! Wild Hearts is a fast-paced action game with a vivid, stylized look and a synth-pop soundtrack in which players journey through bizarre and dreamy settings, fighting adversaries and avoiding obstacles. There are a few assets and parts that you might expect to advance and fabricate things in the game, so we have placed together this aide on the most proficient method to get Demon Rock Wild Hearts to help you!

Demon Rock Wild Hearts

How to Get Demon Rock Wild Hearts

To acquire Demon Rock in Wild Hearts, immediately travel to Sinkhole Camp in Fuyufusagi Post (Part 3) and afterward check along rocky segments on the ground for orange-yellow hued hubs, which you will mine with L2. Note that if you’ve obtained Dragon Karakuri, you may also create a Tsukumo Ore Shrine, which will allow you to acquire this item automatically if you install one in the region!

We hope this guide to obtaining Demon Rock Wild Hearts has assisted you in locating the item you want. Certain raw materials in Wild Hearts are widely available, while others can only be obtained in specific areas of the map. You can easily locate them while you explore, but you might wish to employ Flying Vines to get some off-the-beaten-path items. Get these items whenever you come across them in the wild.

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Wild Hearts features a variety of resources and substances that may be gathered, earned through kills, and so on. These goods may then be utilized to build armor, extend Dragon Pits, or prepare meals. Forging Materials, for example, are frequently dropped by Kemonos after battle and are used to create Weapons and Armor, whereas Modification Materials change the stats of your armor.

Crystal Materials are needed to expand Dragon Pits and may be obtained from both collecting and Kemono drops. Of course, there are objects that drop that can be simply sold to get additional money. Meat, grain, and vegetables are the three categories of meal ingredients.

Demon Rock Wild Hearts

Demon Rock Wild Hearts crafting materials

Most of your making assets in Wild Hearts will be acquired during the fight. This entails largely combating the enormous Kemono that appears in the wild. Not all of these goods come from merely killing your opponent. Players must occasionally tear off sections of the adversary, like in Monster Hunter and other games. If you wish to face Deeply Volatile enemies, you’ll also need a certain number of Keystones in the region you’re exploring, thus fighting in Wild Hearts will be more difficult.

This section will go through every known huge Kemono drop in Wild Hearts for each known tier of the monster. Normal, Mighty, Volatile, and Deeply Volatile are the four types. Not all creatures appear in the Normal tier. Regular enemies appear in the first two chapters of the game. Mighty is introduced in Chapters 3 and 4, while Volatile/Deeply Volatile is presented in Chapter 5.

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