Location Of Pointed Scale Wild Hearts – How To Find It?

Want to know the location of Pointed Scale Wild Hearts, it is in given in this article. Although the main focus of Wild Hearts is slaying enormous monsters across the varied landscapes of Azuma, many of the lesser creatures you come across also provide crucial resources that are essential for forging magnificent equipment.

Despite being challenging to find without some research, resources including Pointed Scale Wild Hearts, Crustaceous Moss, and Serpent Slough prevent you from moving towards exciting new weaponry.

The best tiny Kemono resources in Wild Hearts can be found here, allowing you to resume your pursuit of the truly large game. So in this post we will see about the Pointed Scale Wild Hearts and how we can get pointed Scale Wild Hearts.


Where Is The Location Of Point Scale Wild Hearts?

Pointed Scale Wild Hearts

One of the main early-game obstacles in Wild Hearts’ crafting system is the pointed scale. At Akikure Canyon, the 3rd location of the game accessible from Chapter 2, you must eliminate Nightshade Monitor in order to gather some.

These can be found at the 6 Points Lagoon in west as well as the Buddha Cave in northeast of the region. You must kill Nightshade Monitor since petting them always results in Lizard Bloom.


How To Get Point Scale Wild Hearts?

One of the things that can be obtained from the Kemonos in Wild Hearts is the Pointed Scale. To obtain Pointed Scale Wild Hearts, you must wait until Chapter 2 to open Akikura Canyon and look for Nightshade Monitos, Tiny Kemonos with the appearance of a massive lizard.

Pointed Scale Wild Hearts

One of the many farmable minerals in the world, the Pointed scale can only be obtained by killing them and gathering the dropped Pointed Scale Wild Hearts. There is a potential that you will receive a Lizard Bloom material in place of the Nightshade Monitor, which is a guaranteed drop if you pet it.

By eliminating Shardshower Monitors in Fuyufusagi Fort, one can also find pointed scale Wild Hearts there. To gather them, go to the two aforementioned zones and the Kemonos that are nearby. There, you will have the opportunity to gather lots of them while eliminating the Monitors, So this how you get pointed Scale Wild Hearts.


FAQ :-

What are Wild Hearts Materials?

A variety of enemies and bosses drop materials in Wild Hearts. These materials can be used to create and improve weapons and armour.

Keep in mind when combating the Kemono that some materials can only be obtained by attacking a particular body section. Moreover, items are dispersed throughout Wild Hearts’ natural setting.


What Is Wild Hearts Creature Materials?

Keep animals as pets for uncommon drops by using the Dragon Karakuri Wildlife Cages as well as Pens. Each time an animal gives you a material, you must hunt a Big Kemono before getting the next one. Anytime an animal will be in a cage or pen, it is feasible to change it, and you may put it back in your inventory.


List Of Wild Hearts Creature Materials :-

Harugasumi Way Creatures

  • Berrybright Squirrel – Pet Kemono Seed
  • Cherrytail Ladybug – Orb Cherry
  • Grasswing Swallow – Pet Kemono Tail Feather
  • Goldchrysanth Crane – Chrysanthemum Feather
  • Glowstar Snail – Gleaming Pet Kemono Shell
  • Ferntail Gecko – Spiral Fern
  • Canecrown Viper – Pet Kemono Seed

Natsukodachi Isle Creatures

  • Gorgonian Hermit Crab – Gleaming Pet Kemono Shell
  • Nectarbelly Cicada – Nature’s Nectar or Golden Nectar
  • Lotuswing Swallow – Pet Kemono Tail Feather
  • Hotbellied Gecko – Scarlet Pet Kemono Spores
  • Orangetufted Constrictor – Pet Kemono Seed
  • Prismwhelk Salmon – None

Akikura Canyon Creatures

  • Kudzuclad Fox – Inari Fruit
  • Chestnutkeeper Hedgehog – Backnut
  • Cherrytinge Ladybug – Pet Kemono Seed
  • Wasabiskimmer Dragonfly – Fall Wasabi
  • Dogwood Catfish – None
  • Crystalcap Sweetfish – None

Fuyufusagi Fort Creatures

  • Rockfoil Rabbit – Snow Leaf
  • Frostberry Squirrel – Pet Kemono Seed
  • Violetbulb Snowbug – Crystal Snowflake
  • Citrusscent Owl – Belly Yuzu
  • Silverchrysanth Crane – Chrysanthemum Feather


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