There Is A Problem With The Account CODM – Know It!

There is a problem with the account CODM, Have you getting error 15035 COD Mobile? Now many players are experiencing this error. We are facing the problem with account in CODM, but we don’t way it is happening.

To know why there is a problem with the account CODM, stay in this post. We will see what is the reason of the error 15035 COD Mobile and how we can fix it. We will also learn how to avoid from this error 15035 COD Mobile.


Why There Is A Problem With The Account CODM – What Is The Reason?

Problem with the account CODM

In spite of not breaking any rules or norms, numerous gamers of the well-liked have reported for having problem with the account in CODM. As a result, players who don’t understand why their accounts have already been targeted are quite frustrated and confused.

It is crucial to comply by the rules established by the game’s creators because breaking them can result about a error 15035 COD Mobile. The main causes of accounts being suspended in COD Mobile are two.

Use of hackers and cheats is the primary justification for the error 15035 COD Mobile accounts. Activision, on the other hand, vehemently opposes these players and employs an anti-cheat system that tracks down and remove users of such hacks and cheats.

To have your COD Mobile account unbanned if you fit into one of these categories can be very challenging. Another frequent reason is the account getting error 15035 COD Mobile for receiving too many complaints against it. The next sections go over the steps that can be taken to fix this issue. We’ll also examine ways to get fix of the problem with the account CODM.


Is There Any Solution Of The Problem With The Account CODM?

Problem with the account CODM

It is currently unable to say for sure whether the COD Mobile account may be unbanned. If your account has been banned because you broke one of the game’s rules, we’ll go over some potential remedies in the section after this one.

There will still be a few methods you can look into if your account was already permanently banned in an effort to have it unbanned. However, whether or not they decide to unban the Call of Duty Mobile account depends entirely on the support staff at Activision.


Some Of The Way To Fix The Problem With The Account CODM :-

Send a ticket to Activision :

By opening a service request on Activision’s website, you can get in touch with them if you feel that the COD Mobile account was being unfairly banned. To determine whether the account can be reinstated, Activision will carefully check your account and its details.

To avoid being banned, it’s crucial to abide by the rules of the game and refrain from utilising any hacking tools or programmes. It is best to deal with the consequences and stop cheating moving forward if you’ve been banned due to this.


Post on social media :

Activision will eventually decide whether to unban an account; this procedure is not a guarantee. The likelihood that your account will be unbanned may improve if you have a sizable following on social media.

But it’s vital to keep in mind that the likelihood decreases if you utilised hackers or exploits while playing the game. You can only unban the Call of Duty Mobile account via these methods, and anyone who demands payment in exchange for doing so is probably a swindler.


How To Avoid The Error 15035 COD Mobile?

Don’t Use Hacks :

The most frequent reason for account bans is hacking, thus it’s crucial to play honestly and stay away from unapproved tools.

Don’t use VPNs :

Activision forbids the use of VPNs because they may result in the blocking of numerous IP addresses, which would prevent users from accessing Call of Duty Mobile.

Never Make Use Of Unlicensed Emulators :

GameLoop is the only emulator that is permitted by Activision’s fair play policy, which forbids the usage of emulators.

Avoid Using Apps From Third Parties :

Players that utilise third-party applications to alter the gameplay of Call of Duty Mobile to get an edge run the danger of being banned because Activision has a stringent policy against them.


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