Nikke X Chainsaw Man Collab – New Nikke Goddess Of Victory Collaboration 2023

Have you tried your hand at Goddess of Victory Nikke? This suggests that a cooperation between Goddess of Victory Nikke and Chainsaw Man has already been confirmed, which means we can see the Nikke X Chainsaw Man Collab.

If so, you may already be aware of how appealing it is to gamers based on its gameplay. If you’re a lover of anime and manga, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Chainsaw Man. These two are a fantastic fit because of their fascinating characteristics, and your long-awaited wish has finally come true. 

The next collaborative event will begin soon, and the date has been set for February 22nd, 2023. There are various things to grab here, such as new characters, restricted recruiting, and many more, and we are here to deliver them all to you today.

Now is the right time to play Goddess of Victory Nikke on PC for a superior gaming experience, and we should begin finding out about everything from this occasion as follows. So without any further due lets see all about the 12 Nikke X Chainsawman Collab, New Nikke Goddess Of Victory Collaboration.

How to Take Part in Nikke X Chainsaw Man Collab

Nikke x chainsaw man collab

A retweet crusade for the Goddess of Victory Nikke collaboration with Chainsaw Man is at present live. This requires you to retweet the original story, and you will be able to acquire a complete set of Chainsaw Man keychains as a result.

You should go to the first Goddess of Victory Nikke Twitter Tweet and just retweet it by following the Goddess of Victory Nikke English.

This event will only exist for a short time, since it will expire at 23.59 on March 14, 2023. You will also receive one set of Chainsaw Man Keychains from this page.

And so, if your ultimate goal is to perform your best in the game, you can test the Goddess of Victory Nikke with the finest android emulator: LDPlayer 9, since there are loads of features that let you plunge into the game with the best settings. Thus, attempt to partake in the collab occasion with the best-truly gaming highlights you can get, and you’ll have a good time.

Nikke X Chainsaw Man Collab: New Characters

Nikke X Chainsaw Man Collab

The next Goddess of Victory Nikke collaboration with Chainsaw Man will acquaint you with a few new characters to the interactivity, and they will all advance from the anime to the game.

There will be a short enlistment period in which you will actually want to acquire two characters named Power and Makima. These two are the game’s first-ever restricted gacha heroes, and they will not be added to your ordinary pool. They might be available at the occasion.

You can likewise get a SR character named Himenso. This will be accommodated free, and you will actually want to get it through the Chainsaw Man Pass. Furthermore, Himeon will be available for multiple copies from the in-game event, similar to how you previously won the characters.

Wrapping Up

The game is also running a memorial retweet campaign right now, with the possibility of winning a set of Chainsaw Man keychains! To be eligible to win, simply follow the game’s Twitter account and retweet this message.

And that’s all the information we have for now on the Goddess of Victory Nikke collaboration with Chainsaw Man. And, without a doubt, additional information will be provided later. Until then, you can go over any relevant detail you can find and begin the actions.

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