Twitch Drops Tower Of Fantasy 2023 Event – How to Get Free Rewards Easily? #2

Is Twitch Drops Tower of Fantasy 2023 back once again? The Twitch Drops event in has always been the best option for Tower of Fantasy players to gain massive credits and other crystals too. Here’s all about the Twitch Drops Tower of Fantasy for 2023 right now at your GA end.

The Twitch Drops event 2023 has been available in Tower of Fantasy and through this simple and easy event, all wanderers may get the best chance of redeeming free rewards and in-game items too right now in 2023.

Tower of Fantasy has always come up with know events and rewards for the travelers of the game, and right now the new Twitch Drops Tower of Fantasy event in 2023 will be your best opportunity and chance too to get the best in-game items too.

Twitch Drops Tower Of Fantasy 2023 Event – How to Get Free Rewards Easily? #2

The process is very easy to get free rewards through the new Twitch Drops event in Tower of Fantasy 2023, here is all what you guys have to do right now.

  • First log in to your official Twitch Streamer account channel
  • Then you must find Tower Of Fantasy stream channel on it
  • Then you must also set your profile to online too
  • Then find Tower Of Fantasy broadcast and streaming videos with a tag named “Drops Enabled” on it
  • Watch videos on the same section and don’t stream any other Twitch channel videos based on Tower of Fantasy, else you won’t get it too your rewards won’t come to you too
  • Watch the videos and claim your Twitch rewards for Tower of Fantasy at the call out on top of the chat
  • Complete your drop goal for Tower of Fantasy in Twitch Stream channel and then you can claim it from the drop inventory too
  • Then also make sure to link your official Tower Of Fantasy channel on your Twitch channel too
  • Then you can all go to the Tower of Fantasy game and then get your rewards from the in-game inbox too

Twitch Drops Tower Of Fantasy

The Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drops event 2023 rewards include the,

  • Purple Nucleus
  • Dark Crystal
  • Shards
  • Red Nucleus
  • Gold Nucleus
  • SR Relic Selection Box
  • SR Relic Shard Box


That’s all about the Twitch Drops Tower of Fantasy leaks and updates from our GA end. As all the best tips and tricks to get the Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drops rewards are shared here at your GA end.

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Twitch Drops Tower Of Fantasy

Is Tower Of Fantasy Good Game in 2023?

Yes, Tower Of Fantasy is an extraordinary anime action game where you as a wanderer will keep exploring the locations to find and complete new quests too. Play Tower of Fantasy for a complete new anime experience and this RPG also allows you to gain more experience and rewards too.


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