Dead Space Remake Backbreaker not Working Fix 2023

The restoration of Isaac’s famous stomp melee strike in Dead Space Remake Backbreaker not Working is critical in finishing off recently de-limbed necromorphs and important to proper ammunition conservation in the survival horror genre. However, the Backbreaker accomplishment, which requires you to kill 10 foes with a stomp strike, frequently does not activate for players who have stomped far too many enemies. While not as difficult as an Impossible Mode run, the Backbreaker trophy completion technique isn’t the simplest, so we’ll explain how to correct it if it’s not functioning.

Dead Space Remake Backbreaker

Dead Space Remake Backbreaker not Working

While not technically a glitch, the Dead Space Remake Backbreaker award criteria is a little more specific than it appears. Isaac must utilize his stomp to defeat adversaries that can only be defeated with a single stomp. So, basically, any adversary that dies with a single stomp. We’d recommend hunting for Swarmers to quickly stomp away from the Pregnants once you’ve taken care of them without using fire.

Killing the spider-like opponents that split off from the towering, humanoid Divider monsters will also grant you the award. Achievement hunting and 100% completion take time, so read our guide on every Dead Space Remake Marker Fragment location to save time, or check out one of the sillier Impossible Mode awards for a chuckle.

On January 27, 2023, the Dead Space remake backbreaker was released to widespread acclaim. This precise re-production of the first 2008 round of a similar name contains refreshed feel and interactivity increases that hoist it to the situation with Dead Space’s conclusive version.

How to Unlock Dead Space Remake Backbreaker

The Dead Space Remake Backbreaker trophy is unlocked by shattering the backs of necromorphs, as the name implies. Issac should kill 10 enemies with a foot step, which might be achieved by eviscerating the foe until they start to creep and afterward stepping them to obscurity with the Spacebar on PC, R2 on PlayStation 5 and RT on Xbox Series X/S.

The strategy is especially strong against Slashers and Dividers, however make certain to dial them back first with something like the Plasma Shaper and Balance. Stomp is not advised against foes such as the Pregnant (because of their expanding bellies), Guardians, or huge opponents such as Hunters.

Dead Space Remake Backbreaker

While this move might be utilized against Swarmers, these necromorphs can without much of a stretch overpower the player, hence it is generally best to utilize something like the Beat Rifle or Flamethrower all things being equal.

What is the Dead Space Remake?

Dead Space Remake Backbreaker was made by Instinctive Games and conveyed by Electronic Expressions as a sci-fi endurance loathsomeness establishment by Glen Scholfield and Michael Condrey. The first game in the series, released in 2008, had protagonist Isaac Clarke and his companions enter the USG Ishimura to investigate a mystery distress signal.

However, all is not as it appears, as it turns out the residents have been changed into vicious, deformed beasts as part of a sinister scheme involving an extraterrestrial artifact known simply as the Marker and a religious institution known as the Church of Unitology.

Before being officially terminated, the series produced two sequels and various spin-off titles, including a mobile game. The original title’s remake has been in the works since early 2021, with Motive Studio driving its development. 

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