LoL Ranked Disabled – Is the League of Legends Disabled Queue Sorted out Now Officially? #1

Is LoL ranked disabled? League of Legends ranked disabled by Riot Games in a twist. Here’s all about LoL ranked queue disabled and more from us at our GA end. Check all the latest LoL ranked queue disabled updates from our end on GA here.

Riot Games was about to launch the next LoL patch update version of 13.1B, but a critical bug has deleted the entire new patch notes and the hotfix updates for 13.1B LoL version on the live server of the game too.

Due to this Riot Games had to disable the ranked queue for League of Legends and also additionally they have disabled and done the same for the Teamfight Tactics too right now straightaway. Let’s see all about the LoL ranked queue disabled here at our GA end.

LoL Ranked Disabled – Is the League of Legends Disabled Queue Sorted out Now Officially?

League Of Legends ranked queue was disabled for a while when the new patch update version 13.1B was launched, and initially both the team of Riot Games and also the League of Legends team didn’t update about the same.

LoL ranked disabled

As soon as the League of Legends fans went crazy with responses over social media, then the team of LoL had also acknowledged about the League Of Legends disabled errors and bugs too.

Then after a while the LoL new 13.1 B update went live and then players of League of Legends were able to get access to the ranked queue mode finally. This is a short bug from the client servers side of League Of Legends and Riot Games too.


 That’s everything about the LoL ranked disabled queue error from our GA end. All the latest details of and about the League of Legends ranked disabled are also shared at our Gaming Acharya end too. Stay tuned for more LoL Ranked disabled queue leaks and updates here at our GA too.

LoL ranked disabled

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