How To Get Pixel Piece Sailor Certificate?

How To Get Pixel Piece Sailor Certificate: Want to be a sailor and want to get a sailor certificate in Roblox pixel piece? We got your back. So you are looking for how to get pixel peace seller certificate this guide will surely going to help you.

So Hello Techies!…. we are back with another interesting topic about the Roblox pixel piece. So as we all know that not every seller is a pirate when it comes to one piece. So in this article, we will be covering about how to that pixel piece sailor certificate.

How To Get Pixel Piece Sailor Certificate?

Pixel Piece Sailor Certificate

If we talk about pixel piece Sushila certificate is a vital item in it. And those who want to work as a marine officer this sailor certificate play the vital role in it. Basically, if you go from Northwest game starting Island that is orange town.

Then you will reach a Marine officer name Antony who is in Shell town Island. Antony is recruiting for the past gate of the local Marine base. And in order to get it done and recruited by him you should have a sailor certificate and 10,000 belli entry fees.

But getting a sailor certificate is not that much hard if we put aside the problem of 10000 belli. So to get the Marine sailor certificate you just need to follow the steps we are mentioning.

  1. Firstly you need to take down the Marine which is struggling in the town.
  2. Then after go to the other side of the town to find a large open Plaza.
  3. And here you will meet Marine Captain norgan. You need to find him by yourself and to get a hint his health bar will appear on the top of the screen when is around you.

How To Get Pixel Piece Sailor Certificate: More Details

And you are lucky if we talk about norgan, he is modeled for axe hand morgan. And it is not that much hard to beat organ because it is considered that he is the biggest jobs in the history of one piece.

And if we talk about his attack he only owns to attack. A small ground Slam and a spinning slash. So you just need to hit him or smack him with your weapon for some time and just when he retaliates just back off from there.

And after some time you receive that he is down. And he will be down without having any bigger first and it will drop the Sailor certificate in the process.

And coming back to the Sailor certificate when you return to Anthony with the Sailor certificate and 10000 belli you will get the chance to officially join up with the marines.

You will have your white uniform with you and we hope you look very smart that. And once you get that uniform you will be surely one of wearing that many times.

And this is all you need to know about how to get the pixel piece sailor certificate.

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