Pixel Piece Map Update 1: Latest Codes and Features

Pixel Piece Map Update 1:  World up Studios creates an experience through Roblox pixel piece for their platform. So we are back with the brand new topic on gaming Acharya which is Pixel Piece Map Update 1

We will be coming with each and every detail you need to know about Pixel Piece Map Update 1 so keeps on reading. So without any further delay let’s get started. So as we all know that Roblox has massive fan popularity all over the world. Not only young Minds but also teenagers love this game.

Roblox provides the players’ access to free mind imagination and building their own world. And hands Roblox pixel piece is a game where you can create your own world of characters of one piece anime and Manga.

Pixel Piece Map Update 1:

Pixel Piece Map Update 1

So now let’s just talk about pixel peace map. So basically Roblox pixel piece provide a variety of gaming experience to their players. From having an adventure by selling in the sea or participating in different challenges to get rewards.

Roblox pixel piece gives an advanced gaming experience to all of the player. You can locate and try some powerful fruits like Devil fruits and it will hence your ability to use against your enemy.

In the pixel peace map there is a huge area that is covered with water. So it will take lots of time to reach out the areas you want to at certain point of time. And according to us if you are looking for the best location beast Island location is the best for you. This beast Island location located in the North East from Central port.

Before going to any Island you should have a boat and considering that you don’t have a boat first of all heads towards the store on an island. And search for some kind of sale and get your boat. And by using in-game gold you can purchase your vote.

And if you want to get some powerful one you can go for Striker boat or smoke cycle game passes. And wait for you to purchase Log Pose items from the store whenever you find anyone.

Pixel Piece Map Update 1: Leveling Locations

Pixel Piece Map Update

So let’s talk about leveling location in Roblox pixel piece full stop the first we have pixel piece Island here you can stay up to level 15 before moving towards any another. And here in the store you can buy Sword and a boat.

Items to get from Pixel Piece Island:

  • Classic Katana
  • RAW Boat
  • Shell Town log Pose
  • Pixel Piece Pose
Shells Town

And if you lies between level 15 to 14 you can go for the second area which is shells town. You can purchase different weapons from here and a better boat from the store. And if you have to fight you can fight with Axe hand Morgan Boss.

Items to get from Shells Town:

  1. Classic Cutlass
  2. Katana
  3. Axe Hand
  4. Marine Cap
  5. Metal Jaw
  6. Caravel
  7. Orange Town Log Pose
  8. Baratie Log Pose
Oranges Town

Between level 35-55 you can swap in orange town and fight with kabaji boss.

  1. Cutlass kaba
  2. Clown Nose
  3. Piggy scarf
  4. Piggy Hat
  5. Knarr
  6. Beast Island Log Pose
Syrup Village

From level 70 to 100 location. You can fight buro bandits amd pirates .

Items to get:

  1. Shark Park Log Pose
  2. Buro Claws
Shark Park

The hardest island from level 110-170. You can  orling bandits and boss.

Item to get from shark park:

  1. Shark Sword

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