Strongest Marksman in Mobile Legends 2023

Marksman in Mobile Legends heroes are vital in Mobile Legends as the team’s Carry since they can quickly dole out a massive amount of damage as the game enters its late phase. This month, Strongest Marksman in Mobile Legends stand out among the numerous published in the game!

So, who are this month’s strongest Marksman in Mobile Legends? Let’s get started without further ado! Here are the Strongest Marksman in Mobile Legends according to Gaming Acharya for each month.

Strongest Marksman in Mobile Legends 2023

Strongest Marksman in Mobile Legends 2023


Granger, a hero with tremendous burst damage, is ranked fifth. Granger is a Marksman that is frequently employed as a Jungler owing to his great jungle clearing abilities and ability to pull off ganks. Granger also possesses Rhapsody and Death Sonata, which let him do huge damage from afar.


Claude, a Marksman with incredible Attack Speed, is ranked seventh. Claude’s Basic Attacks alone may do a massive amount of damage. In addition, owing to his Battle Mirror Image, Claude is extremely agile. Claude can move around and swap places with his shadows thanks to this ability. Claude also possesses Blazing Duet, which lets him do massive damage across a large area. Claude’s Battle Mirror Image-Blazing Duet combination is one of his most lethal.


Natan is still regarded as one of the strongest Marksmen in Mobile Legends. This Marksman has a lot to offer, not the least of which is his amazing damage output. But that’s not all; Natan has a CC that works similarly to Flameshot in that it may be utilized to keep a safe distance from an approaching adversary.

Strongest Marksman in Mobile Legends 2023


In Mobile Legends, Beatrix is a competent Marksman in Mobile Legends. Most significantly, she is truly one-of-a-kind. Beatrix, in comparison to other Marksmen, is a flexible hero who thrives in a variety of settings due to the numerous types of weaponry she possesses. Beatrix has everything she needs for distance or close combat. Furthermore, Beatrix may do massive damage, capable of depleting the adversary Tank’s health. Beatrix, as previously stated, offers many playstyles. You may use her as either a jungler or a laner.


Melissa is a relatively new Mobile Legends Marksman who is still regarded OP. Melissa can deal huge damage, has excellent mobility, and an Ultimate that can prevent her from being ganked.


Wanwan is still one of the strongest Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends. Wanwan is exceptional as a Marksman in one key feature that distinguishes her from the other Marksmen: her mobility, which helps her to live longer in combat. Aside from her mobility, Wanwan can also do a lot of damage. Wanwan can quickly become a nightmare for the opposition side in the late game.


Despite being nerfed many times, Brody maintains his place in the Mobile Legends META. Brody’s tremendous damage output has kept him as one of the greatest Marksmen in Mobile Legends. When the late game hits, Brody’s Passive, which offers him more damage, allows him to simply annihilate his foes.


Clint is now the most dominant Marksman in Mobile Legends META for a variety of reasons. Clint is a hero who’s already powerful in the early game, owing to his Quick Draw, which lets him deliver a large amount of burst damage. His passivity is also the reason for his resurrection. His Double Shot extends his range and deals massive damage.

So, according to Gaming Acharya, they were the finest Marksmen in Mobile Legends for each month.

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