AOT x Fortnite – Attack on Titan Collab Fortnite Leaks

AOT x Fortnite: Fortnite has seen many awesome and fantabulous Collaborations with prominent fictional characters recently, with collab over Spiderman, doctor strange, Prowler being successful, with all these they just don’t want to stop with. Now Fortnite is being promoted by fans to have some exciting collab with the attack on titan which is known as aot widely.

So Fortnite and AOT users just don’t want it to be delayed either. Is Aot x Fortnite happening for real. What would be the outcome if happens? Are you waiting to know more and more about the Collaboration of Aot x Fortnite? Here we are sharing you with all the possibilities and preview of a potential Aot x Fortnite collaboration.

Yes, there’s a rumour or leak that aot x Fortnite is coming real soon, the official word on this shall come out any time to fans. They are just in the process of this, so it’s too early to expect more from their merger. We will have to wait and see from the official team of both Fortnite and AOT.

AOT x Fortnite
AOT x Fortnite Levi Skin Leaks

But it’s a sure thing that if the aot x Fortnite collaboration is made official, it’s sure to be an out of park hit. Already a prominent leaker from Twitter has shared a design of it. With many fan polls’ result showing that the fans need this collaboration real soon, all is now on the hands of Fortnite.

Yup, the famous leaker shiina from his Twitter handle has shared the character leak named rumble. The encrypted skin leak was shared on his Twitter profile, this made fans go Gaga over it. so the cross over is very much on for now. Also the anime and manga from aot has many fans even from Fortnite. So the new collaboration is sure to bring out more cosmetics and skins which fans are expecting. More leaks regarding the aot x Fortnite are here for you below.

Aot x Fortnite: what’s this? Will the collaboration happen?

Aot x Fortnite collaboration can really be fantastic with some famous characters from the anime and manga event who will be getting their skins and Characters on the crossover, but only if it happens.

With that leak of rumble from Shiina, fans went crazy and started interconnecting it as a codeword by thinking of ‘The Rumble, which is a famous event in manga and anime of aot. So all these led to the viral news of aot x Fortnite crossover Collaboration.

AOT x Fortnite
AOT x Fortnite

Skins of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are all on the wish list of Fortnite fans, also along with other male and female skins with many themed events and characters too. So expect all these to make their own entry on Fortnite soon. If you want to see the leaked skin, just go to Twitter and it’s available on Shiina’s profile, @shiinabr. You will be amazed by his design leaks for the characters. Wish all these become true to the fans of Fortnite one day.

Okay, then the preview to aot x Fortnite Collaboration has been completed here. Like others, I hope you all are waiting for the crossover to happen soon. We will update you about more info & leaks of the characters and skin here, do stay tuned with this space for everything about the aot x Fortnite collaboration. Share your suggestions and questions in the comment box down.

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