How to Get Dog in COD Mobile 2023 -New 100% Working Steps

How to Get Dog in COD Mobile 2023? COD Mobile has always unleashed operators and skins every year to their fans. Right now the dog or otherwise known as K9 unit is available to get in Call of Duty Mobile game in 2023.

The dog was unlocked very first time in COD Mobile season 5 and the players can actually get the K9 unit in Call of Duty Mobile with the help of the battle pass. You also need to get the battle pass bundles in COD Mobile to unlock the K9 Dog units.

There are several options to get the K9 unit operator skill in COD Mobile. And this Dog operator also has tremendous powers to make your weapons the best in COD Mobile game in 2023. Here’s all about how How to Get Dog in COD Mobile in 2023.

How to Get Dog in COD Mobile 2023 

How to get dog in COD Mobile 2023

As said, the dog operator or the K9 unit operator skill in COD Mobile can be acquired in many ways too in the game,

First is you need to use around 2000 credits to purchase the dog K9 unit operator in COD Mobile to get it. Don’t use your COD Mobile for other credits as they might be useless. Save 2000 credits to get the dog in COD Mobile Season 11 right now.

Then purchase the battle pass on COD Mobile to get the dog k9 operator unit skill in the game, which is also going to cost you some credits too.

More About the Dog Operator COD Mobile 2023 

How to get dog in COD Mobile 2023

COD Mobile operator unit skill will just increase your weapon stats and skills rapidly in the game and these Operator unit skills will help you to finish the COD Mobile missions so faster and also with great kills too.

Now you can easily obtain the dog skill in COD Mobile Season 11 just by following our GA tips and tricks here too. Earn the dog operator and K9 Operator unit skill to improve your gaming skills in COD Mobile and also to complete the missions faster too.


How to get dog in COD Mobile Season 11 has been shared here at our GA end. All the best tips to get the dog and K9 Operator unit skill in COD Mobile are also shared at your Gaming Acharya end too.

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Is COD Mobile Worth Playing in 2023? 

Yes, COD Mobile has always been the best battle royale and shooter game with non-stop action and shooting too. COD Mobile has grown and grown upto 11 seasons right now. The success of COD Mobile is also phenomenal too.

There are incredible weapons, battle pass, skins, operators, and more to keep you engaged in the COD Mobile game too. Call of Duty has always been the king of all action games and the legacy well and truly continues with this amazing COD Mobile Season 11 too.


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