Forspoken Spoof Not Working: Fixed 2023

What the hell happened? Forspoken Spoof Not Working Fix just launched by Square Enix and Luminous Productions, and while it runs on Steam Deck, it will not operate on desktop Linux without faking it as a Steam Deck.

One of those moments when I had to blink many times, wipe my glasses, and sigh deeply. It appears to have had a rocky debut, with a Mixed rating on Steam so far, and a slew of negative reviewer reviews. At £64.99, it simply does not appear to be a good buy.

Forspoken Spoof Not Working Fix 2023

Forspoken Spoof Not Working

To run it on desktop Linux, use “-steam deck” to start Steam directly, or set “SteamDeck=1%command%” as a launch option for the game itself. This is not a joke. It’s not exactly apparent why, but I’m not going to suggest the developer or publisher deliberately intended to exclude Linux desktop; more likely, they simply didn’t think about what they were doing outside of allowing it to operate on Steam Deck (which runs SteamOS Linux).

However, launching with the workaround is another matter. It also doesn’t appear to be particularly stable; if I changed the general graphics preset, it would completely crash. Individual graphics settings also caused it to crash. I also couldn’t get it to run past 30FPS, even with Vsync turned off and a limit set to 120 FPS (and plenty below that).

Forspoken Spoof Magic Basics

When you get the ability to enhance your magic, you may become overwhelmed by the amount of options accessible to you. 

  • Attack Spells dominate the right side of a spell tree. These all have three levels and may be charged up to those levels in combat by holding the attack spell button for a certain amount of time. These are your primary modes of attack.
  • Support Spells and Surge Magic are located on the left side of the spell tree. Support Spells can take many forms, from strikes to benefits. Flood Sorcery is very strong and requires a different check to be developed by the utilization of spells and being hit.
  • Movement Each spell set contains a number of spells.
  • Throughout the span of the game, you will get four spell sets.
  • Many spells should be opened by plunging into Wellsprings, which might be seen around the game world.
  • You don’t have to expend mana to get one of these spells after you’ve unlocked it. See our local guides to find out which Fonts provide which spells.

Forspoken Spoof Frey’s Magic

Forspoken Spoof Not Working

This is the spell set with which you’ll start the game, opened following your most memorable battle in Section 2. It is an earth-themed group of spells that balances offensive and defense.

Frey’s spells are regularly among the most beneficial, with applications in a wide range of circumstances.

Movement Spells

  • Flow is your primary mode of traversal and is automatically taught.
  • Leap is an essential technique in your platforming arsenal.
  • Shimmy is a terrific method to cover more ground faster and is even better when improved.
  • Cut and Run is a backward somersault with a powerful assault. Excellent for mobility.
  • Skip is a tremendously strong mobility skill that you will only discover during the last battle. However, you may utilize it in the postgame.

Passive Spells

  • Modify and Ratify let you play with your Breakshard hoard more freely, especially when upgraded. These are generally unnecessary in Normal mode, but they may be handy in Hard mode.
  • Vivify allows you to boost the health provided by your necklace. Excellent for Hard mode, but unnecessary at lower levels.
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