Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List 2023

The holiday meta in Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List is already set, therefore we have a definite list of the firearms to employ if you want to get an advantage over those Christmas rookies. The meta has already altered and changed significantly since the game’s debut, due to weapon balancing tweaks and a reduction in weapon bloom.

Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List: S Class

The very finest. Weapons that change the game. This has altered significantly since the game’s release, owing mostly to balancing adjustments and a reduction in bloom and bullet spread.

M5A3: Much like the AK-24, this gun has improved significantly owing to bloom reduction. When combined with the SMG configuration (Shortened Barrel, Close Combat, Cobra Grip), you get one of the greatest close-range firearms in the game. It even outguns the famed PP-29, which has since fallen from grace.

Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List

K30: Thanks to bloom reductions, the K30 has risen to become one of the strongest SMGs in the game. It was useless until fixes fixed the recoil/bloom, but now this rapid-fire SMG can melt foes at close range. At longer ranges, you won’t be able to accomplish anything with it, but that’s not why it’s there.

PKP: A recent patch gave the PKP a significant buff, and it shows. This pistol will dominate the meta in the next weeks, so start using it and unlocking some of its attachments now.

Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List: A Class

These weapons are still quite powerful, and achieving challenges and unlocks will be simple.

DM7: The DM7 is extremely similar to the SVK, and you may prefer it over its marksman equivalent. However, we’ve placed it in the B-tier since we’ve found it to be less consistent than the SVK at bringing down foes. 

DXR: The greatest sniper in the game (there are only three) because the NTW was nerfed into submission. The DXR can be fired swiftly, and headshots are an instant death. It’s unfortunate about the NTW, but such things happen.

Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List

The SFAR-M is not one of the most widely acclaimed assault rifles in 2042, but we believe it deserves to be. We discovered it to have significant DPS output and, despite its low handling value, it is easy to operate because of the absence of recoil and kick. With the proper loadout (we like the regular Fusion Holo, Frag on your launcher, the Extended Barrel, and the High Power Drum for extra bullets and damage).

Battlefield 2042 Weapon Tier List: B Class

Moving down the ranks, these are the weapons that are regular, acceptable, simply alright, or could use a minor alteration to increase their power level.

NTW: This sniper was quite strong in the first few weeks, but it was eventually nerfed when numerous players complained about its vehicle damage. It took a while because it’s the last gun you get after leveling up.

VCAR: The VCAR gets an almost-honorable mention since it’s not a bad gun; it simply doesn’t stand up to the other marksman rifles. You’ll need a lot of attachments on this before it’s feasible. The default weapon is ineffective.

The PBX-45, another noteworthy mention, should not be neglected. Even though it doesn’t comparable to the PP-29 or a fully-loaded K30, the pistol is still a competent little shooter that won’t be difficult to gain praise with if you’re aiming for that delicious 2042 completion.

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