When Will The New Apex Legends Mobile Sunset – What Is The Reason?

Apex Legends Mobile Sunset, as the announcement has done to shutdown the mobile game. I know this is not a good news, but what we can do about it. Players are not happy to hear this news of Apex Legends Mobile Sunset.

But beside this thing we have to know when it will shutdown. So in this post we will cover all the points related to the Apex Legends Mobile Sunset and see all the information we have to shear with you. So let’s start the article.


Apex Legends Mobile Sunset :-

Apex Legends Mobile Sunset

Respawn Entertainment has declared that it would sunset Apex Legends Mobile early in the year and due to circumstances beyond our control that made it impossible for the developer to deliver a high-quality experience.

This information was disclosed by Respawn in a tweet from their official account. The decision was difficult to make, according to the studio. The developer then thanks everyone who tried Apex Legends Mobile throughout its limited time of existence.

Which was surely brief considering that the game only made its debut on May 17 last year. It means that when Apex Legends Mobile shut down, it won’t even be a year old.


Why Apex Legends Mobile Is Sunset?

The reason of Apex Legends Mobile Sunset is the content pipeline of game has began to lag below that standard in terms of quality, quantity, and tempo after a promising start. We have mutually decided to sunset our mobile game for this reason after working with our developer partner for months. This is reason why Apex Legends Mobile Sunset.

Apex Legends Mobile Sunset

When The Apex Legends Mobile Sunset?

What players can anticipate from this point forth is the start of a ninety day timeframe until the Apex Legends Mobile shut down. They will be turning off all in-game real money in-app purchases at noon from January 31, and taking the game off from webstores.

Players may use their current Syndicate Gold during this time to continue enjoying the full game. On May 1st, 2023, at 4 PM PDT, we will stop operating in all regions, and also the game won’t be accessible any longer.


Is Really Apex Legends Mobile Shut Down?

Electronic Arts has also announced the six-week postponement of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and the Apex Legends Mobile Sunset. Less than a year after the game’s release on iOS and Android. Battlefield Mobile is also being abandoned by the firm, and Industrial Toys, the studio that created it, is closing.

Apex Legends Mobile Sunset

Respawn Entertainment released a statement saying, At Respawn, we strive to deliver players amazing games that are constantly exceptional. After a promising beginning, the quality, quantity, and tempo of the new pipeline of Apex Legends Mobile has started to lag behind that standard.

So the official have mutually decided to sunset the Apex Legends Mobile game because of this after working with our developer partner for months. On the mobile version, Tencent or Lightspeed had been working.


Final Words :-

Though it’s possible that the Sunset of Apex Legends Mobile isn’t quite done yet. According to remarks made by EA CEO Andrew Wilson during a recent earnings call and published by co-author of Axios Gaming Stephen Totilo.

The publisher has other plans for mobile since Wilson said that the business was simply discontinuing this variant of Apex Legends Mobile. In any case, it seems that in the near future you’ll only have a short window of time can play Apex Legends on the go.


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