Tower Of Fantasy Chocolate Guide – Location, Ingredients And More!

Presenting you the full Tower Of Fantasy Chocolate Guide in this article. As in the Passion for chocolate Tower Of Fantasy is here in which we have to make the chocolates. But first we have to find the ingredients and the mold to make the Tower Of Fantasy Chocolate.

So in this post we will present you the Tower Of Fantasy Chocolate Guide. And where to find the chocolates or ingredients to make the chocolates. We will discuss all the things in this post.


Tower Of Fantasy Passion For Chocolate Event :-

Tower Of Fantasy Chocolate Guide

A Tower of Fantasy event is called Passion for Chocolate. Wanderers are required to make chocolates for clients. During the Tower Of Fantasy Passion For Chocolate event duration in order to gain crush points. Which can be amassed to receive milestone rewards.

Three executors will show up each day after 5:00 server time. They have varied preferences, so pay heed and provide them their favourites to pique the ardour of the Executor.

Up to 3 different kinds of chocolates, minimum 1 chocolate, may be sent to each Executor. Some of the Executors’ favourite chocolates must be produced using only ingredients available during the occasion. Before cooking, please double-check the limited recipes and ingredients.


Where To Find Ingredients To Make Tower Of Fantasy Chocolate?

To complete the Tower Of Fantasy Passion For Chocolate event, we have to find the chocolates. If yoy don’t know where to find, then here is the location.

Tower Of Fantasy Chocolate Guide

  • First you can get the Chocolates by opening Vera Chests.
  • Or you can go to miroria food Plaza and buying from an NPC.

This are the following ingredients to make the different types of Tower Of Fantasy Chocolate.

Tail, Floating, Fish Oil

Crab, Crab, Crab

Crab, Crab, Roe

Tail, Floss, Spicy

Crab, Liquer Filling, Roe

Flamegon, Strawberry, Blueberry

Classic, Coffee, Mint

?, ?, Mint

Classic, Coffee(?), Mint

Classic, Flower, Mint

Hazelnut, Coffee, Cream

Salted Egg, Floating, Spicy

Flamegon, Coffee, Roe

Crab, Crab, Crab

Crab, Sea Salt, Roe

Salted Egg, Crab, Crab

Meat Floss, Floss, Meat Floss

for megon, Strawberry, Mint

Locoa, Cocoa, Cocoa

Flamegon, Strawberry, Cream


How To Get The Molds To Make Tower Of Fantasy Chocolate?

The topic of how to obtain the molds is raised by the fact that the event requires you to farm a new substance known as a mold, which is needed for every single dish. This is following ways you can get the molds to make Tower Of Fantasy Chocolate.


  1. You can obtain it in a variety of ways, including through password-protected boxes.
  2. You can get through ciphers.
  3. Given that you can force open a box, good luck finding one. You could get through that way.
  4. Additionally, you can utilise a mirror to travel to the chocolate woman on Mirramoon Street.

It is inexpensive, and if you participate in your daily fun zones, then should have plenty. Alfonso’s should be sufficient throughout the entire event. Give or take, to truly get this. One will be more than enough, but there may be two gives or takes. The boss boxes must be forced open so that the recipes can be obtained.


Tower Of Fantasy Passion For Chocolate Rewards :-

New events have been keenly awaited by Wanderers this year. These temporary events offer plenty of activities and rewards to Wanderers as they commemorate Tower of Fantasy’s half-anniversary.

The date for this event is February 17, 2023. To win the characters’ ardour, your task is to gather ingredients and prepare chocolate gifts for them.

  • Red Nucleus 4x
  • Gold Nucleus 2x
  • Spacetime Crystal Fragments 20x
  • Avatar Frames

Make sure the Simulacra are receiving the appropriate chocolate because they all have distinct tastes. Also, be careful not to squander any chocolate you could always eat them all yourself.


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