Top 10 Creepiest Mysteries of All Time

Top 10 Creepiest Mysteries of all time: Welcome back to gaming Acharya. Today we are back with the latest topic on the website that is the top 10 creepiest mysteries of all time. So in this topic we will be sharing some most interesting and creepy mysteries of all time that you need to know. And after knowing the facts and also the information behind it you will shock and it will take your spine.

So when it comes to mysteries everyone gets really excited and became very chaotic to know more and more about the mystery. So if you are a fan of history and mysteries we got your back so without any further let’s get started.

Top 10 Creepiest Mysteries of All Time:

top 10 creepiest mysteries

These top 10 creepiest mysteries which we are sharing in this article are the one which remain unsold in the paper and also no one has any clue what was happened that day. So just keep on reading the article and you will get to know about various thing you didn’t listen before.

Mystery Of ED Baker: Dead Or Alive

Being a successful oil investor in the industry Ed Baker soon got addicted to gambling and reckless spending money on there addiction. Soon his money wipe out. And due to the shortage of money sometime he also took money from his clients account.

As soon as the debt increases, he just run away from his native place on November 6 1985. And after 2 days of his missing. His Jaguar car found Bond with a dead body inside it. But there is a news that he didn’t die he just kept his body double in the car.

Murder of Dian and Disappearance Of His Husband Hugh

Being in a difficult marriage dian and hugh argues alot. Hugh was disappointed by her habit of over spending on her dog. But one day in 1982 dance body founded with a dog lease wraaped around her neck.

Her husband was the last suspect but he got never caught by the police. He was on a trip when he was last show and vanished from there. Some people thought that her husband also killed by the killer who killed dian.

The kidnapping of Angela Hammond

This case was the scariest among all of the mysteries that are being unsolved in the past. And this is the case of Angela abduction. While on a call with her boyfriend and angelena got kidnapped.

Her boyfriend rest out to the place where she was at that time that was a pay phone. But Angelina never found again

A Horrible Murder of Dick Hanson

Now the next case of an unsold mystery is of dick hanson, after a Rocky divorce did just want to spend some quality time with his friend. But on April 29 1991 was the last day of his life. When he just getting back to his place he just so an unknown man is just following his friend Jean. And when he just try to save him he was shot that twice.

Cindy James A Tortured Muder Mystery

Next mystery which comes on the list is of cindy James who was the 44 year old nurse. The story begins with a creepy calls and scary notes cindy received. And one day she just ultimately disappeared.

And her dead body found in an abundant house Hogtied with nylon around her neck. And the report says that her death was because of the overdose of morphin and the mystery remain unsold by the Time.

Unsolved Mystery Of Audrey Santo

This is the story of audrey Santo. Since childhood his family believe that he is a person with fabulous Supernatural powers and by the times people started believing in him. And after his death in the age of 23 all the people just petition the code petition the Court to consider him as the saint.

DB Cooper Who And Where?

DB Cooper was on a flight of Northwest airline. From Portland to settle. In a 1971 DB Cooper was on a flight with a normal looking appreamce a man in his 40 wearing a black suit with black tie and a mother Pearl tie clip.

Suddenly gives a note to the flight attendant addressing that he had a bomb. And when the flight attendant read out the note he just demanded 1 million cash on the same date and 4 parachute and a fuel truck standing by in Seattle to refuel the plane on the arrival.

But when the plane landed he just vanished from there and after someday that answer money founded and the mystery was stayed unknowingly for the people as the ransome money was never used, no parachute was found there.

What is Area 51?

Southern naveda the US military base which is known as the area 51 was being banned by the US government. And many of the peoples is believe that area 51 is being used for the house of crashed UFO and the testing place for aliens by the US government.

People also believe that it is also used for the research on time travel and the means for research on teleportation and it is also used for meeting with alien.

And it is also believe that this place area 51 is also a secretive place for the US military for the research of us military missions.

Case of Reincarnation

Two sister Joanna Pollock and Jacqueline pollock who just died in a tragic car accident. And one year later the mother gave birth to twins Julian and Jennifer. And this story of reincarnation begins when these two young sisters ask for the old toys of the Dead sisters and also identifying all the old Areas where the dead sister walked through.

Where is the Lighthouse?

Under the stranger stand scariest circumstance 3 keeper of the flannan Isles lighthouse disappears. And one day on December 26 1900 these three keeper work and found anywhere. No bodies were found there is no evidence over there of their missing. Theories Just suggest that it can be a go-shape at giant sea monster or species who just eat them all.

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