Day 3 Lisa Location Genshin Impact – How To Find?

Here we are with another post, in which we have to know Lisa location Genshin Impact. The day 3 of second blooming event in which we have to find the location of lisa location Genshin Impact.

Many players know the event very well, for those who don’t know how to find the location and how to get the lisa Genshin Impact. Then stay with us and you will know all about it.


Lisa Location Genshin Impact :-

Lisa Location Genshin Impact

Use Xiangling and Raiden to dispatch the huge adversaries as soon as possible in rounds one and two. In the final round, you can defeat the Primal Constructs by using a Hyperbloom squad.

Players can see Genshin Impact Lisa location inside the Sumeru City Treasure Shop on the 3rd day of Second Blooming Event. Go there and you will find lisa Genshin Impact.

Below are the Lisa location Genshin Impact of day 1 and Day 2 also have a look on it.

  • During the A Librarian’s Long and Carefree Vacation quest, Gafoor will go for Mawtiyima Forest, but Lisa’s NPC will stay in Puspa Cafe and you’ll be able still speak with her.
  • Genshin Impact Lisa will be on Lambad’s Tavern’s second floor on the Second Blooming Day 2.


How To Get Lisa In Genshin Impact?

Lisa Location Genshin Impact

The Electro mage character Lisa was initially introduced in the game a few years ago. Now you can alter her appearance without spending any money.

You must take part in the Second Blooming events that debuts with Update Version 3.4 in order to begin travelling down the path leading there. The duration of this event is from January 31, 2023, to February 13, 2023. You must fulfil the following prerequisites before you can participate in this battle event and receive the free Lisa Genshin Impact.

  • At least Adventure Rank 20.
  • The Song of the Dragon or Freedom Archon Quest should be completed.
  • Act I of Tempus Fugit Chapter of Lisa’s Story Quest must be finished.

You can participate in the event starting on day one now that you are qualified. Every day, a new challenge becomes available, giving you a total of 5 challenges. You will get at least 2,000 points for each challenge. During the Genshin Impact event, you must earn 10,000 points overall to receive Lisa’s new skin for nothing.


How To Score 8000 Points In Second Blooming Day 3?

Lisa Location Genshin Impact

Your character’s DMG improves by 80% while in a Heightened Verve State. Which is made possible by the Ley Line Disorder. Time the Elemental Bursts to the enemies’ state, which begins as fast as the challenge begins and lasts for 20 seconds.

Keep in mind that although you are dealing more damage, the enemy are also damaging your characters 20% more. To fight the Primal Constructs that are vulnerable to Dendro responses, it is best to utilise a Hyperbloom Team.


Final Words About Lisa Location Genshin Impact :-

The ultimate prize in the Second Blooming temporary event is Lisa Genshin Impact costume. It was still unclear how one would acquire it, despite the fact that it had been leaked along with Ayaka’s new Genshin Impact skin.

Players must successfully finish all of the event’s stages and achieve the goal scores for the game in order to truly obtain the skin. After that, free Lisa in Genshin Impact costume will be available for redemption and equippability through Lisa Character Menu.

The skin makes the wizard think of her time at the Akademiya at Sumeru, when she finished as a top student. So for now this is all we got to tell you about the lisa location Genshin Impact and how to get lisa character and more.

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