New Quest, Search Oathbound Chests Fortnite Locations – Check It Now!

The new Quest or we can say the missions are here to complete, which is Search Oathbound Chests Fortnite. In this challenge we have to find the Fortnite Oathbound Chests and open them and collect all the items inside it.

There are many rarity items yoy can get it the Fortnite Oathbound Chests. We just have to find them all, as they we hidden in the certain location which we willl in the article. We we also discover the location of the Search Oathbound Chests Fortnite.

And also how to open them as well. So let’s start the article without further any due and complete the quest called Search Oathbound Chests Fortnite.


What Is Oathbound Chests In Fortnite?

Search Oathbound Chests Fortnite

In Chapter 4 Season 1, players now have access to Oathbound Chests, but what precisely do they have to offer?. Players may come upon unusual, big, white treasure chests while exploring the brand new Fortnite Battle Royale terrain.

These chests are oathbound. These chests’ superior loot and the goods they guarantee set them apart from the game’s standard chests. In Fortnite, the contents of the a standard chest are completely arbitrary and subject to chance.

An Uncommon rarity item is more likely to exist than a Legendary item. On the other side, an Oathbound Chest will always include a Shockwave Hammer, double the number and materials, Chug Splashes, additional cash, a throwable item, and a random weapon.


Where Is The Location Of The Search Oathbound Chests Fortnite?

The majority of the castle-type structures on the Fortnite map are located to the West, close to POIs like The Citadel or Anvil Square, where Search Oathbound Chests Fortnite may frequently be discovered inside or nearby. Stone walls, woodwork, or sporadic flags serve as markers for these buildings.

Search Oathbound Chests Fortnite

Including all other Fortnite chests, these ones can house a range of goodies like Shield Potions and healing supplies. But they frequently include the Ex-Caliber Rifle or the brand-new Shockwave Hammer. Aside from killing an opponent player who is in possession of them.

This is the simplest way to acquire either one of these things. You can now start opening a few of the Fortnite Oathbound Chests since you know where to look. However, you’d better move quickly to avoid being followed.

By looking at our list of Fortnite augmentations and learning how to activate them, which will grant you certain advantageous advantages during matches, you may improve the odds of winning even more.


What Will You Find Under The Search Oathbound Chests Fortnite And How To Open It?

Search Oathbound Chests Fortnite

The Fortnite Oathbound chests typically include loot that is comparable to that found in Epic chests. But because they are larger, they contain more. Despite the fact that the treasure is still random, you are likely to get a weapon, shield, gold, two stacks of ammunition, and some resources.

The new Shockwave Hammer and also more uncommon guns are more likely to be found in the Fortnite Oathbound chest. The Shockwave Hammer could indeed pulverise opponents in a matter of swings and can also be used to bounce across the ground by slamming it into the ground.

The above new weapon is great both for combat and traversal. Only four times can be used before the hammer enters a cooldown period, following which its used once more.


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That’s all for today, we only got this much of information about the Search Oathbound Chests Fortnite. If you want more information about thie quest, stick with us and know more about it.

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