Release Date Of Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2 – Know All About It!

Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2, is going to happen after the next event. As the Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2 skins from the game series. Which let you alter your character’s movement, skills, effects, icons, & Japanese voiceovers in addition to their posture.

It’s interesting to note that the only other skins that underwent such alterations were the Legend tier skins. So in this post we will see the release date of Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2, and what we have to do and many more. As some of the players have questions, we will clear all of this is our article.


Release Date Of Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2 :-

Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2

As per the information that we get form the twitter or discord, the KOF Event Phase 2 in Mobile Legends will start Form February, 4, 2023.

The total tickets we get in the KOF Event Phase 2 in Mobile Legends is 17 tickets. And let me clear you guys that, this information may be false. Because there is no official confirmation about the Mobile legends KOF event phase 2.


Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2 :-

One of the intriguing skin collaborations that frequently appears in Mobile Legends is the one between Mobile Legends and King of Fighters. King of Fighters, Moonton’s collaborative partner in planning this event, is referred to as KOF.

Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2

  • Login into Game = 1 Ticket.
  • Top Up 1 time = 2 Tickets.
  • Top Up 100 Diamonds = 3 Tickets.
  • Top Up 250 Diamonds = 5 Tickets.
  • Use 100 Diamonds = 3 Tickets.
  • Use 250 Diamonds = 3 Tickets.

Players have another opportunity to obtain the official King of Fighters skin thanks to this event. A task in this event has a KOF Bingo Token award that may be used to enter a drawing at the KOF Event.


FAQ :-

  • What Does KOF Mean In Mobile legends?

On May 22, 2021, MLBB will only contain previously issued KOF Mobile Legends cooperation skins, according to the most recent data mining.

The first week of the event, which will span for an entire month, will be devoted to giving away free tickets for participants to utilise in the draw event. Additionally, two KOF skins would be back on sale for 30 days at a 30% discount.

On May 22, 2021, Bang Bang will only contain previously released KOF cooperation skins, according to the most recent data mining. The KOF Mobile Legends partnership event will be made available as an encore. This indicates that the skin line will not be expanded with any new skins.

Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2

  • How Much Is KOF Skin In MLBB?

Participants in the King of Fighters Bingo Draw are required to receive the skins. A single draw costs 225 diamonds, while a 10x Draw cost 2250 diamonds. You will receive a 50% discount on 1x Draw during the opening draw of every day.

On either hand, there will be a 30% discount on the 10x Draw. You are assured to receive the legendary Karina “Leona” Skin on your first 10x Draw of a MLBB x KOF draw in 2023.

You must start a Bingo in order to receive additional KOF skins. To accomplish this, complete drawings to receive arbitrary Bingo Rewards. You could get a KOF Mobile Legends skin by lighting up three identical prizes simultaneously in any direction.


  • Is Ash A Boy Or Girl KOF?

Ash Crimson is a virtual character in the SNK Playmore fighting game franchise The King of Fighters. As the head of the game’s Hero Team, he made his debut as In King of Fighters 2003.

Teenage fighter Ash competes there in series’ fighting competitions. He fights with pyrokinesis using green flames as part of his unique fighting technique. Ash has been the series’ protagonist since the third plot arc.

However he generally behaves negatively and attempts to take the powers of various recurrent characters, rendering them helpless. He has appeared in book adaptations or a drama CD based on the games, and his identity and motivations are further explored in the 2011 game The King of Fighters XIII.


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