#1 Dead Space Remake Wishbone – How to Unlock it Easily ?

Want to unlock the Dead Space Remake Wishbone Achievement or Trophy? The new Dead Space Remake mastered version has finally been unveiled and here’s how you can unlock the new wishbone trophy achievement in the game.

Ever since the new Dead Space Remake has been launched, the fans have been on cloud nine as their favorite sci-fic horror thriller has finally been launched with upgraded features and content to make the game more gripping.

And for every mission you also get the new set of trophies and achievements in Dead Space Remake just like its original version too. Here’s how you can easily get the latest wishbone trophy in Dead Space Remake 2023.

Dead Space Remake Wishbone – How to Unlock ?

Dead Space Remake Wishbone

The objectives for this Dead Space Remake trophy are simple, you just need to use your Kinesis to rip off a dangling limb which is also damaged too. Just you need to damage the necromorph’s limbs and then fire it to get back more Ammo too.

To damage the necromorph’s limbs with the help of the kinesis module and a gun fire. Also use a pulse rifle, guns, plasma cutter and then take your aim on necromorph’s limbs to shoot continuously.

Dead Space Remake Wishbone

This can be done in the game’s chapter 2 after entering and crossing the barricade, and then damage the bones with your rifle and then finally you can do the much needed damage to the necromorph’s limbs with the kinesis module too.

And then finally the bronze trophy in this new Dead Space Remake will all be yours too to get right now and the next achivement is also unlocked too.

Dead Space Remake Trophy Achievement Guide  

After this Wishbone Trophy, you can also unlock the balance trophies in Dead Space Remake to add it to your achievement list in the game. Gold, Silver, Platinum, Bronze, Secret are the other best trophies in Dead Space Remake. You need to unlock them by completing the main objectives in Dead Space Remake.

Dead Space Remake Wishbone

And for the Wishbone Trophy in Dead Space Remake, we have given our GA guide to unlock them, for the other trophies in Dead Space Remake it shall be posted soon too on our GA end. Complete all the new Missions too to get all the Dead Space Remake trophies unlocked easily in the game too.

What’s Dead Space Remake in 2023?  

Dead Space Remake is an amazing sci fic horror video game. In this game, you guys have to survive amid the dark evil and horror adventure is going to be on the next level too in this new remastered version Dead Space Remake 2023.

Scintillating music, haunting BGM, gripping and riveting storyline will be the best experience in this new Dead Space Remake game in 2023. And Dead Space Remake is already one of the best horror survival games to play in 2023 too.

Now you can play Dead Space Remake 2023 if you own a PC, XBOX Series X/S, or even PS 5 will help you too. Play this best horror survival remake game in the form of Dead Space Remake in 2023 right now and also to get the best experience too.


That’s a wrap for the latest Dead Space Remake Wishbone Trophy Achievement unlock guide from our GA end. All about the Wishbone Trophy in Dead Space Remake from our GA end is covered now.

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