Hi Fi Rush Pigeons: Complete The Side Challenge!

Want to know about the Hi Fi Rush Pigeons?, And How to shatter those Hi Fi Rush Pigeons, Then stay with us. Hi Fi Rush is giving little challenge to all the players, or we can say the side challenge. In which the have to find the Hi Fi Rush Pigeons and complete the task.

The full things we will cover in the post below, but I can say that, you will get all tha information about this Hi Fi Rush task. In this article we will how to find the Hi Fi Rush Pigeons, where is the location and how to shatter them. We will learn all those things, so in this paot to know.

Hi Fi Rush Game Summary:-

Hi Fi Rush Pigeons

Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm-action game for Windows and Xbox Series X/S that was created by Tango Gameworks and released by Bethesda Softworks. The announcement and global release took place on January 25, 2023.

The hero of the game is Chai, a supposedly upcoming rock sensation. Someone develops a flaw after being subjected to an experiment that grants him a robotic arm and the capacity to feel time in the universe.

Chai and his pals battle the corporation that conducted the trials and its officials with this power. The Black Keys and Nine Inch Nails are just a couple of the legitimate artists whose music is featured on Hi-Fi Rush under licence.

What We Have To Do In This Side Challenge Name – Hi Fi Rush Pigeons?

Hi Fi Rush Pigeons

So in this Hi Fi Rush side challange, you just have to find the pigeons sitting in certain location. There are three locations in the game where you will find the Pigeons in Hi Fi Rush.

To complete the Hi Fi Rush side challange, find them and shattered them with the blast. This is you will complete the challenge. If you are wondering where to find the Hi Fi Rush, Dont worry about it below are the location of the all Hi Fi Rush Pigeons. Do check Out.

Where To Find The Hi Fi Rush Pigeons?

Below are the location of all three Hi Fi Rush Pigeons groups.

First Group Of Hi Fi Rush Pigeons :-

Hi Fi Rush Pigeons

As you approach the robot, which is perched on some crates close by, you can see the first group. The first group of Hi Fi Rush side challange is entirely uninvolved because it is perched on a neighboring stack of crates directly above Chai. To make them fly away, simply face them, call up Peppermint, and blast at them.

Second Group Of Hi Fi Rush Pigeons:-

Hi Fi Rush Pigeons

The second group is situated just above the factory area you have just visited, on top of the yellow beam. The pigeons will simply appear in your field of vision if you simply turn around. From there, all you have to do is approach closely enough for Peppermint to take aim, and the second flock will have fled.

Third Group Of Hi Fi Rush Pigeons :-

The final flock is by far the most difficult to locate. Directly behind the robot perched atop the green pipe is the group. Fire away at the bothersome birds one more time with Peppermint.

How To Complete The Pigeons Challange in Hi Fi Rush?

Hi Fi Rush Pigeons

Hi-Fi Rush requires you to just point Peppermint towards three locations where a gathering of the Hi Fi Rush side challange have congregated and fire at them. If you want to defeat the robot that is trying to get rid of the pigeons making his environment dirty. Do not be alarmed; they simply fly away.

Talk to the robot again, and he will reward you with a Life Gauge when all three groups of Hi Fi Rush Pigeons have been shot at and driven away. See how simple this side quest is, It’s worth your time to complete it so you can work on improving your health for all the forthcoming battles.


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