How To Fix Hi Fi Rush Controller Not Working – Solution Given Here!

Hi Fi Rush Controller Not Working, the issue has occurred recently in the game. Players are facing the problem, there are not able to control the game, because the Controller Not Working in Hi Fi Rush.

Here in this papt we will all the possible way to fix the problem and see why it is happening, Reason behind the Hi Fi Rush Controller Not Working. Why they are not able to control the game by the controller. So let’s start the post.


Hi Fi Rush Game Summary :-

Hi Fi Rush Controller Not Working

Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm-action game for Windows and Xbox Series X/S that was created by Tango Gameworks and released by Bethesda Softworks. The announcement and global release took place on January 25, 2023.

The hero of the game is Chai, a supposedly upcoming rock sensation. Someone develops a flaw after being subjected to an experiment that grants him a robotic arm and the capacity to feel time in the universe.

Chai and his pals battle the corporation that conducted the trials and its officials with this power. The Black Keys and Nine Inch Nails are just a couple of the legitimate artists whose music is featured on Hi-Fi Rush under licence.


Controller Not Working In Hi Fi Rush :-

Controller Not Working In Hi Fi Rush, the buttons in the game don’t function when players use a controller, but the controller user interface does. The controller continues to function properly elsewhere. My settings were reset to their defaults, and the game was reinstalled, but none of those efforts was successful.

Hi Fi Rush Controller Not Working

They frequently use my Xbox One to play these games through the cloud. The character does not carry out the subsequent attacks in the combo while pressing either the light or heavy attack button. When we do the standard light attack combo by pressing the X button four times.

Chai only executes the first strike, indicating that the game is not reading the other three controller inputs. It practically renders the combat unusable. However, other movements like the hop, parry, and dogde are flawless.

When this occurs, they restart the game repeatedly until everything returns to normal. However, it is unknown what causes it to return to normal. It just does; there may be one reset or three.


How To Fix The Hi Fi Rush Controller Not Working ?

  1. To fix the Hi Fi Rush Controller Not Working, the fix is given below:
  2. Look for the Steam controller settings under the Tales of Arise settings.
  3. Go to the button that reads “Browse configs” on the Steam Input tab after it has opened.
  4. Then click Show other controller models whenever it says community after you’ve gone where it says go.
  5. After acknowledging the warning, select the option that states, “Official controller configuration by Jack.”
  6. Clicking apply will apply the changed setup.
  7. Start over; the game won’t operate.


Another Way To Fix The Hi Fi Rush Controller Not Working Issue :-
  • Launch the Steam application.
  • Visit a library.
  • Select Hi-Fi Rush on the left pane by clicking.
  • Installing the update requires some patience.
  • Do not use Steam anymore.
  • Restart your computer.


Third Solution Of Hi Fi Rush Controller Not Working :-
  • Get the Steam client going.
  • Select Library.
  • From the menu of installed games, right-click on Hi-Fi Rush.
  • Click Properties at this point.
  • Select Local Files.
  • Click the button that says “Verify Integrity of Game Files.”
  • You’ll need to wait until the process is complete.
  • After you’re done, restart your computer.


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