How To Get Free Skin Sylvie Fortnite?

How To Get Free Skin Sylvie Fortnite? Fortnite never leaves a chance to amaze its players. And hence Fortnite is back with the Fortnite crew in February 2023. And it will have a bundle of new things like brand new Sylvie skin.

And moreover not only in the skin it will also give all the players are a bunch of other rewards to. So today in this topic we will be covering a most interesting topic which is How To Get Free Skin Sylvie Fortnite?

How To Get Free Skin Sylvie Fortnite?

Sylvie Fortnite

So now let us discuss How To Get Free Skin Sylvie Fortnite? Subah Se Ke Liye if you are an active subscriber of the Fortnite crew so you will get this Sylvie skin for free in Fortnite.

So according to the news updated by the developer, this can will be officially released out on January 31st, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. ET.

On the other hand if you are not as a subscriber of Fortnite crew so you just need to purchase the Fortnite group pack bundle to get this new exclusive skin. The total cost of February crew pack bundle will be coming around $11.99.

And once you are done with the payment and buy the February you will automatically upgraded to the February group pack. And also after having this pack you will also get the rewards of the master work picaxe. So be sure you get this fantastic skin on time by using these two method mentioned in the article.

More Details On How To Get Free Skin Sylvie Fortnite?

Skin Sylvie Fortnite

So if you think that the bonus and the battle pass is not enough for you for having the new skins in chapter 4 Fortnite season 1 then you need not to care about it. Because now The fortnite Crew February 2023 is finally here.

And through this the Fortnite crew’s 2023 has announced the rewards which will be given to the Fortnite crew.

Basically, if we talk about Fortnite cru in February 2023 so it’s a monthly subscription service full stop and through this, the player will get exclusive skin accessories weapon wraps, and some V bucks every month.

And this time Fortnite also includes are new skin which is based on a new character called Sylvie. Not only a character Sheela master blacksmith who belongs to ancient Kingdom.

She also has a hammer to hit on enemies. Not only this acute Dragon stay with her as a pet.

So in this new bundle of Fortnite Cruise February 2023 it will include:

  • Sylvie skin
  • Smith’s slammed pickaxe
  • Forging the future loading screen
  • Groaker back bling
  • Groaker weapon wrap

Not only deals there will also be a unique pickaxe name photo nic legacy set which will be available for you. And in the several different style you will get Orange photo on blades.

Want to get more and more consecutive prices so you just have to remains subscribed to the Fortnite crew. Suggest you to get the better password chapter 4 season 1 2 subscribe the Fortnite February crew 2023. As you will get 25 level boost of immediately to help you unlock the rewards in the month end of March.

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