Fortnite Update 3.78 – Bugs Fixed!

Fortnite update 3.78 is here with new fixes and patches. As we have many issues in Fortnite, and we were mailing them in hope that they cna fix it. But many players experience that, they not getting any response.

But finally Fortnite officials reply some mails of players. They said that, We are experiencing difficulties in the processing of Competitive prizes due to a problem. So in this post we will see the fixes which is going to be done in Fortnite Update 3.78. so let’s see more in this article.


Official Reply On Mails That Where Send By Players In Fortnite Update 3.78 :-

Fortnite Update 3.78

Prizes which have been outstanding for at least 60 days are being given priority. They will notify impacted participants by email when rewards become available and will post a update as soon as we receive one.

They have handled unclaimed competitive prizes that had been pending by at least 60 days and have emailed impacted participants with more information. They are aware of an uptick in complaints about unfair leaderboards.

And competition scoring from some of the most recent competitive events. They are looking into it, and later this week they will give an update with information on each affected event. In the next paragraph we will see the fixes coming in the future.


Fixes In Future Fortnite Update 3.78 :-

  1. According to the Fortnite Update 3.78 Patch Notes, players are unable to obtain the Mind’s Eye back bling in the Exile variant.
  2. With the release of Fortnite Update 3.78, the physics on Joni the Red’s coat have been broken.
  3. Visually, the Battle Hound or Molten Battle Hound Helmet are inaccurate.

Fortnite Update 3.78

In Investigating :-

  1. The Sparkle Specialist’s attire is not glossy and reflective.
  2. Hurling has been disabled momentarily.


In Development :-

  1. Pre-requisite Not Met’ Issue with Bonus Rewards.
  2. Blue serves as the lobby’s background colour for users.


Steel And Zero Public Run Day In Fortnite Update 3.78 :-

  1. Temporarily deactivated is the Party Time Augment.
  2. After a Victory Royale, we are unable to emote.
  3. Shockwave Hammer slipping causes fall injury.

Fortnite Update 3.78

Bugs In Investigation:-

  1. Players in live performance don’t see marked players or chest outlines.
  2. The shotgun rifle has been momentarily turned off.
  3. When evaluating the Red-Eye assault rifle, the red dots are absent.
  4. When watching, the computer does not recognise the controller’s inputs.


In Development :-

  1. In the area of economics, there is another debt.
  2. While running and jumping, winning a weapon might not count as a hit.
  3. Temporarily turned off was the Aerialist Augment.
  4. Once they get out of the car, players can go back to the destination.


Fortnite Updates And There Date Coming In Future :-

The majority of other online games don’t update as frequently as Fortnite does. You might not be aware that Fortnite has received an update unless you often check the news.

There isn’t a Fortnite update today unless it’s Tuesday. If there has been a new patch, the patch notes can be found along with the other Fortnite news. The following dates indicate when there will most likely be a fresh Fortnite update today for the remainder of Chapter 4:

  • Tuesday 31st Jan
  • Tuesday 7th February
  • Tuesday 14th February
  • Tuesday 21st February
  • Tuesday 28th February

Tuesdays are when Fortnite updates typically happen, with the size of updates changing every other week. However, those Fortnite updates can occasionally become a little jumbled. Recently, instead of the usual Tuesday release date, Epic released their first update following the Chapter 4 winter break at on Wednesday.

Over the conclusion of seasons, updates may also slacken a little. However, there will probably be a Fortnite Updates on most Tuesdays. That may be a comprehensive update, a content-changing hotfix, or at the very least a fresh set of weekly missions.


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