How to Fix League of Legends Not Starting?

How to fix League of legends not starting is the major issue? League of Legends is a multiplayer battle arena game also known as ” League”. There is a different issue while playing like-

  • League Black screen
  • Error Code 004
  • Unknown Direct X error and many more.

League of Legends not starting

Many users of Window’10’ has reported that while launching League of legends, the window stop working, or different sort of errors occurs during starting always creating a stressful impact.

Sometimes file running in the background become difficult to bring files to the front and it shows, nothing happens or the client will not open.

There can be lots of reasons which are responsible for different interruptions like-Installation errors, Connectivity issues, and many more. Fixing all these kinds of issues while starting a league of legends is crucial and some easy steps on how to fix these problems are elaborate further.

Methods to Fix League of Legends Not Starting: Given Below

Installation Directory Can Be Used to Run the Game

If double-clicking the shortcut the league of legends will not work main executable file is found in the installation folder to try accessing the game.

Step 1: Go To File explorer, go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends.

Step 2: Then double click on LeagueClient.exe

Step 3: If the game can run without any issue, it indicates that the shortcut is corrupted and causes League not to open/launch.

Disable All Running League of Legends Processes

There are some issues caused by background applications due to which league of legends not working to fix this issue some given steps should follow-

Step 1- Go to Task Manager and open it.

Step 2- Go to the Processes tab, choose League of Legends (32-bit) and click End task.

Step 3- Restart all the functions.

League of Legends not starting

Change user.cfg and Delete LeagueClient.exe

In Windows 10, League of Legends will not work due to some user interface, to fix this some modifications in the League of Legends Client.

Step 1. Go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends and go to \RADS\system.

Step 2. Right-click the user.cfg file and use  Notepad to open it.

Step 3. Change leagueClientOptln= yes to leagueClientOptln= no and save the file.

Step 4. Open this game again and go to the directory folder to delete the LeagueClient.exe file.

Step 5. Double-click launcher.exe to run in the install directory. If it is not starting, run Launcher.admin.exe.

Force the Game to Update Itself to Fix LoL Not Starting

Due to the inappropriate installation process sometimes it corrupted the system file. To fix this issue, an updation of the game is required.

Step 1: Go to the installation directory and then navigate to RADS > Projects.

Step 2: Delete these two folders – league_client and lol_game_client.

Step 3: Go to the solutions folder, and delete league_client_sin and lol_game_client.sin.

Step 4: Restart the PC, launch LOL again and it will force the game to update automatically.

How to Repair the Installation: Easy Steps

When League of Legends won’t open, it may be an issue with the game installation itself – installation files are corrupted. To fix this issue, you can try to repair the installation.

Step 1: Right-click the LOL client on the desktop and Run as administrator.

Step 2: When the launcher opens, click the cogwheel icon and click Initiate Full Repair.

Step 3: This will take some time to repair the installation. After that, restart the game again.

Allow League of Legends Through Windows Firewall

Some important steps to fix League of Legends not launching are:

Step1. In Windows 10, click Windows Defender Firewall Clin Control Panel.

Step 2. Click Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.

Step 3. Click Change settings and tick the box of League of Legends.

These are some useful steps or techniques to resolve the issues while starting League of Legends and make your journey of playing fun full and interesting without any interruption and disturbance.

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