How to Use Project Nova Fortnite? – Play New Fortnite OG Chapter 1 Now Easily!

What’s this Project Nova Fortnite? Fortnite Project Nova has been trending for the past few days among the fans, and here we are gonna share everything that you need to know about the project nova from Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 edition.

First of all, this project nova in Fortnite is a third-party mod and private multiplayer server that lets you to get access to Fortnite Chapter 1 content and features, in short this project nova in Fortnite means you are going to exclusive get access to the Fortnite OG chapter 1 season.

This might tempt you to play the Fortnite Project Nova immediately, but there’s also several issues while you get access to the project nova Fortnite in the latest Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 edition. Here’s all exclusive leaks and updates on the Project Nova Fortnite from your GA end.

How to Use Project Nova Fortnite? 

The term Fortnite Chapter 1 or Fortnite OG season might take you back to 3 years and this Fortnite Project Nova is an amazing opportunity for you all to get access to the vintage Fortnite season and its content.

Project nova Fortnite

You will get back to the famous Fortnite Chapter 1 maps and play with the vintage Weapons, Battle Bus, and More through this Fortnite Project Nova. In short, Fortnite Project Nova is a multiplayer server and you can get access to the previous old seasons of Fortnite and Epic Games haven’t opened up about the same too yet.

Old skins, cosmetics from Fortnite Chapter 1 can be accessed through the project nova in Fortnite as you play the Fortnite OG season through a launcher, new account or device, and more.

If you have doubts over how to play Fortnite Chapter 1 through the project nova multiplayer server mod, check this video out to play Fortnite OG season chapter with the help of the project nova mod.

Is Project Nova in Fortnite Legal and Legit?  

As of now, Epic Games have neither given permission nor allows the players of Fortnite to deploy this new project nova mod tool to get back to Fortnite Chapter 1. But you can play Fortnite OG version through the Project Nova mod on a completely new device and different ID too.

Hence there should not be any questions regarding whether the project Nova in Fortnite is legal or illegal, legit or scam or real at all. You can try to play the OG project nova in Fortnite by following the instructions above in the videos too.

Project nova Fortnite
Fortnite Ball drop


That’s a wrap for the project nova in Fortnite article guide from us at GA here. All about the Fortnite project nova leaks and updates, how to use and play the project nova Fortnite mod and multiplayer server are shared here too.

Stay tuned for more leaks about the Fortnite Chapter 4 project nova mod from us in Gaming Acharya here. Keep watching our space for more exclusive e-Sports news and updates too.

Is Fortnite A Good Game Now in 2023?  

Fortnite has always been the numero uno when it comes to battle royale game always. And with Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Epic Games has achieved so much, and it’s obviously a known fact that Fortnite is at the pinnacle of its gaming career right now.

Ever since 2017, Epic Games has never failed with Fortnite, even with several Fortnite allegations and cases, they never looked back too. And there have also beens several Fortnite bans and news, but none of them have been true too.

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