Girls Frontline Fixed Point: Full Guide And New Guns Update!

Want To Know about the Girls Frontline Fixed Point and full guide, then stay with us in the post. Supply Boxes, which you could use to roll a gacha for specialised furniture. Various T-Dolls, and other goods you can see in this post, will be available for purchase during the event.

The thing about Girls Frontline Fixed Point is that by finishing the campaign. We will receive a True Core Mask, which functions as a token that can be exchanged for a 5-Star and 4-Star T-Doll at your choice. So let’s stat the post.


GFL Fixed Point Guide :-

Girls Frontline Fixed Point

Players are constantly on edge as a result of the story’s twists. The emotional situations as they wonder what kind of hell the main group will encounter next GFL Fixed Point Guide.

Although players have been eagerly awaiting the resolution of this cliffhanger because the previous event left the main party in a difficult situation. With their main base under ruins and some of their members injured or even gone.

We will now finally find out what happens next thanks to the Girls Frontline Fixed Point event. Although the video itself is quite cryptic and doesn’t actually reveal anything. Which seemed to suggest that Girls Frontline Fixed Point will feature even more intense action.


Dolls’ Fate In Girls Frontline Fixed Point :-

Unexpectedly quickly, the Girls’ Frontline campaign is developing. We’re all curious as to what will transpire in Girls Frontline Fixed Point given the state that characters were left in following the previous event.

Girls Frontline Fixed Point

The phrase (the stage is cloaked in ambiguity while danger lurks behind scenes) was used on the official Twitter feed. This foreboding tease has us making assumptions. Ange is still missing, and Stasi is in such poor state.

So we already know from the plot thus far that the studio isn’t afraid to put the characters through hell. And let’s not forget that the main G&K base is currently under ruins. If we thought the Dolls already had endured enough, be ready for the expectations to be disappointed once more.


Girls Frontline Fixed Point New Guns :-

After that, with a whopping six newbies, we are finally breaking our recent lack of new guns in GFL Fixed Point Guide.

Girls Frontline Fixed Point

T-Dolls, 5-Star HG called Rhino :

The sturdy Chiappa Rhino revolver was created by Italian firearms manufacturer Chiappa and is chambered in.357 Magnum, 9mm Parabellum, and.40 S&W. It is primarily made of CNC-machined aluminium.


TF-Q, 4-Star RF :

That’s a centerfire, bolt-action rifle with the a one-piece receiver, a 45-degree short throw bolt, and a two-stage match trigger. The Fix by Q, also known as TS-Q, is a real name, and it is a surprisingly contemporary rifle that doesn’t have to sacrifice its 6.7lb weight.

Girls Frontline Fixed Point

QBZ-191, 5-Star AR :

QBZ stands for a light weapon (Qing Wuq), a rifle (Bùqiang), and a dang (Zdng). With its 2019 premiere as the replacement for the outdated QBZ-95. This weapon is unquestionably one of the more contemporary ones we’ve seen.

She is robust, well-designed, and more than sufficient for the People’s Liberation Army and the People’s Armed Police. It is chambered for 5.8x42mm, runs on the gas-operated, short-stroke piston. But also holds either a 30-round as well as 75-round detachable magazine.


LS26, 4-Star MG :

Aimo Lahti created the 7.62x53mmR-chambered Lahti-Saloranta M/26 LMG in the 1920s with the intention of using it in the Winter War. Sadly, the Finnish never had much experience with this weapon.


PPQ, 4-Star HG :

The Walther PPQ, which stands for Polizeipistole Quick Defense, is a semi-automatic rimfire pistol that is available in 9x19mm Parabellum, 9x21mm, and.40 S&W calibres.

Girls Frontline Fixed Point

Sterling, 5-Star SMG :

A British-made SMG called the Sterling was originally intended to replace the Sten around 1944. But it wasn’t until 1953 that it actually fulfilled its purpose. She does have some worth as a decent support SMG, Sterling, like an SMG T-Doll.

Although her numbers should be improved, they are still useful for EVA. She is a grenadier, and as such, her active skill temporarily increases allied grenade damage by 20%. Basically, maintain some grenadiers as FAL or K11 ready to fire.


Final Words :-

Poincare Recurrence, the latest significant event in Girls’ Frontline Fixed Point, happened just one month ago, and we already have another one on the horizon. Although the developer’s choice of pace is obviously odd, if it means we’ll get new material sooner.


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