#1 Daiyan Neural Cloud – A Complete Guide 

Who’s Daiyan Neural Cloud? Girls Frontline Neural Cloud has been updating and launching brand new exclusive characters for both Chinese and English region too. Here’s all about the latest Daiyan Neural Cloud on your GA guide.

Neural Cloud Daiyan is an excellent DPS tank unit, and she’s been unleashed in all the versions of the game too. Daiyan is also a massive tank who excels in Long-range.

Apart from combat, the daiyan girl also has several talents that she showcases too in the game. Daiyan belongs to the sniper class in the Neural Cloud game as of now and she’s also been voiced by the Kami daimon character too. Let’s check everything about the Neural Cloud Daiyan girl here in our latest GA guide now here.

Daiyan Neural Cloud – A Complete Guide  

Daiyan Neural Cloud

Neural Cloud Daiyan is a naturally god’s gifted child and talent, and she’s many extraordinary skills and is also a brilliant guzheng performer too naturally. Daiyan often performs traditional Chinese music with many new instruments too.

Daiyan also rocked the entire Oasis in the New Year party. She cooks well, designs well, and her tailoring skills are unmatched too than any other contestants in the Neural Cloud game too.

This doll from Neural Cloud is magnanimous in all aspects and that’s why she’s been loved and adored by almost all the fans and gamers of Girls Frontline Neural Cloud.

More About Neural Cloud Daiyan  

Daiyan Neural Cloud

Now let’s see here real talents and potential in the Neural Cloud game. As the doll Daiyan Neural Cloud has extraordinary Attack, Defense, HP, and Damage abilities in the battles. Her crit damage, dodge rate, and crit rate are also higher in Neural Cloud too.

Her passive skills will help you to complete all the challenges with ease in Neural Cloud. A wonderful and powerful performer is what we say about the Neural Cloud Daiyan girl character.


Is Neural Cloud A Good Game to Play in 2023? 

Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud from Sunborn Japan and Darkwinter Software Co is an extraordinary cyber strategy roleplaying game. And Neural Cloud is already one of the best mobile games of both 2022 and 2023 too.

Dolls, the girls are the in-game heroes of Neural Cloud who have a specific purpose and reason to survive during the battles. Save the dolls of Neural Cloud from unwanted threats and warnings against all the evil dark forces in the game.

Download Neural Cloud and play this amazing and exemplary game on the Google Playstore and Appstore too right now. Keep watching our handle for more exclusive Neural Cloud and other e-Sports gaming updates too here.


The Daiyan Neural Cloud guide from your GA end is done here. All details about the latest doll girl in the latest Girls Frontline franchise of Neural Cloud which is the Neural Cloud Daiyan have been shared here at your GA end right now.

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