Fire Emblem Engage DLC Wave 1: Get Access!

This post is all about the Fire Emblem Engage DLC Wave 1, and the DLC contents. You will get to know full information from beginning to till now. As the game’s DLC Expansion Pass now has compatibility with this update, Wave 1 of which is also accessible right now.

Owners of the DLC Expansion Pass will get access to the first batch of downloadable material. Which includes extra emblem characters, new customizability items, and more, after installing the update. So let’s start the article.


How to Get Access In Fire Emblem Engage DLC Wave 1?

Fire Emblem Engage DLC Wave 1

Players must go to the Boutique, a shop in Somniel, in order to unlock the Fire Emblem Engage DLC Wave 1 contents. When you go to the store this morning and have the Paid DLC, you’ll get the new clothing and accessories.

You will also receive a Silver Card in addition. On purchases made in-game at the Armory and Item Shop, this item offers a 30% discount.


More About Fire Emblem Engage DLC Wave 1 :-

For Fire Emblem Engage DLC wave 1 expansion is already available. Emblems, support items, accessories, as well as a silver card are among the extras that are included in the bundle. which was released on January 20, 2023, along with the game.

Fire Emblem Engage DLC Wave 1

Additional Emblems In Fire Emblem Engage DLC Wave 1 :-

Three additional emblems that reside in one bracelet will be added to the Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude emblem bracelet. A unit will gain stat increases when wearing the Emblem Bracelet, including a 20% boost in gained EXP. After seeing the event on Lookout Ridge in Somniel, you will immediately receive the bracelet.

Emblem bracelet for Tiki will be added in Fire Emblem Engage DLC Wave 1:  When a unit levels up, their stats will grow more quickly if they are wearing the bracelet. After completing the recently introduced Divine Paralogue map, the bracelet becomes available.

Support Items In Fire Emblem Engage DLC Wave 1:  Speedwing Goddess Icon, Dracoshield, Energy Drop, Spirit Dust, Secret Book, Seraph Robe, and Talisman. After Chapter 5, when you first enter the Somniel, you will be given them.

New Accessories In Fire Emblem Engage DLC Wave 1: Receive at the Somniel’s boutique. A unique set with a frilled band, a large ribbon, one earring, and round specs. When you arrive in the Boutique for the first time following Chapter 6, you will receive them.

Silver Card In Fire Emblem Engage DLC Wave 1:    You can get 30% off Armory or Item Shop purchases while you have this item. This object can be found on the map for the recently released Divine Paralogue.


How To Fix Fire Emblem Engage DLC If It Not Working?

Obtaining the Emblem Bracelet, that includes the Three Houses heroes Dimitri, Edelgard. And Claude, is necessary to access the Fire Emblem Engage DLC that gamers are attempting to access. After finishing Chapter 3 and moving on to the Chapter 4 objective, this happens.

Fire Emblem Engage DLC Wave 1

That Lookout Ridge event is located near Somniel, not shown on the map, and must be found by the players. There will be a cutscene where Vander explains how he found an emblem bracelet. After that, players can access the three heroes by interacting with the bracelet.

Players can attempt to play through another entire chapter if the cutscene does not show. If a cutscene still fails to display, it is advised to confirm that the Fire Emblem Engage DLC. And expansion pass for Fire Emblem Engage were successfully downloaded from of the Nintendo Store.

Players should also make sure they use the right profile linked to the Fire Emblem Engage DLC in order to obtain the reward. Players might think about removing Engage from the Switch device and installing it again as a last resort.


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