Destiny 2 Resilience Nerf: Best Stats?

Destiny 2 Resilience Nerf: Talking about the destiny 2 lightfall, Bungie is making various changes. Changes like new load out. and also there will the Mod customisation. And this will make the build crafting more important.

And talking about the Destiny 2 Resilience Nerf, there will be a big change that the developers will be introducing in the game is the Resilience stat. And it will be nerf in the expansion of lightfall.

So without wasting any further time let’s get into the topic at let’s know o more about Destiny 2 Resilience Nerf. We will be covering each and every detail you need to know about this topic.

Destiny 2 Resilience Nerf: What Does It do?

Destiny 2 Resilience Nerf

So, in a recent interview the developer name PC gamer Rodney Thomson who is the design lead on destiny 2. States that to reduce the damage reduction from 40% to 30% the studio is reducing.

And moreover all the players should not feel the need of Max out there Resilience  to get the benefit they just manage the damage reduction at lower tear.

However if it out about the resilience, for build crafting and destiny 2 resilience is a go to statistics. Also this in nerf thing is just because to introduce the new player to the destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Resilience Nerf: Complete Details

Destiny 2 Resilience Nerf

So if we talk about the resilience first question arises into the mind is what it is? Answer to this question is resilience is a stat in destiny 2. And it is the thing that decide how much damage you can take before you die.

And as mention before it was revealed by the developer when they are question that how will the stat mods will be changed? They said that the lower energy cost will be grabbed by the stat mod and will have lower maximum buffs.

As you all know that resilience is the most powerful and important mode in destiny 2. And the nerf will take the tear 10 resilience from 40% to 30%. So there are many question that arise into the mind of players after the introduction of Destiny 2 Resilience Nerf.

We will be covering each and every aspect you need to know about this topic so keeps on reading.

Also after the question arises in defence of the developer they made a statement that. Just to make the buffs scale of Stat mods less extreme they developed nerf.

And doing behind reason is just to make the new player more comfortable and they do not feel behind if they don’t have dear 10 resilience. More even buff across the board will be provided by the stat mod tier.

And we can also say this introduction of destiny 2 Resilience Nerf is just to help the new player to get into the destiny 2. And they can also enjoy the game easily.

So what do you think about this introduction A pass or a fail you can easily Drop your thought in the comment section and also if you have any query regarding is article you can easily drop it in the comment section.

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