Dead Space Remake Trophy List: Full List!

Today we are making a post on Dead Space Remake Trophy List. All the Dead Space fans knew what it is and how it is useful for us. For those who don’t know we have all tha basic information and the recent Dead Space Remake Trophy List in which you can get some ideas of it.

Dead Space Remake Trophy List

However there are 48 Dead Space Remake Trophies, in which 1 is platinum, 2 are Gold, 10 are Silver and others Are Bronze. You get All the Dead Space Remake Trophy List in the below paragraph, so don’t go back without seeing it.

Here in this article we will see Dead Space Remake Trophy List and why is it important. So without further due lets start the article.

What Is Dead Space Remake Trophy List And Why It Is Important?

The Dead Space Remake Trophy restore the original game to its former glory. The fully voiced Isaac Clarke plus the addition than an intensity master to control the on-screen pandemonium make this game genuinely unique, and devoted players can’t wait to play it.

Dead Space Remake Trophy List

Players that completed the game on PS3 but also Xbox 360 will recognise many of the trophies on the ExoPhase trophy list, which is currently available.

The dead Space remake trophy list includes the usual Beat the Chapters or other unmissable trophies, along with a few that can be missed along the way. These include obtaining the Peng trophy, killing a certain number of enemies with a specific weapon, and many other achievements.

Additionally, we notice a return of Impossible Mode, which was the game’s hardest setting in the first game. In this mode, ammunition, medical kits, and other assets are more scarce, enemies are also more hostile. And the difficulty ramp is standard fare.

However, the Dead Space Remake Trophy, which allows players to watch the Alternative ending, is equally noteworthy and is found towards the bottom of the list.

Dead Space Remake Trophy List:-

As we told you in the beginning that, there are 48 Dead Space Remake Trophies, in which 1 is platinum, 2 are Gold, 10 are Silver and others Are Bronze. All the Dead Space Remake Trophy List given below.

Dead Space Remake Trophy List

Dead Space Remake Trophy – Platinum:-

  • To get Concordance Officer we have to collect all trophies.

Dead Space Remake Trophy – Gold:-

  • Maximum, We need to thoroughly improve all tools and armaments.
  • We have to finish the game in Impossible mode while playing Untouchable.

Dead Space Remake Trophy – Silver:-

  • We must learn the history of the Hunter in order to obtain Final Regeneration.
  • We need to construct the Master Security Override in order to obtain full clearance.
  • In Level 6 of Zero-G, Basketball must be completed in Z-Baller.
  • We have to complete the game using just the Plasma Cutter.
  • In Built to Order, we must install every upgrade to a weapon.
  • We must install the entire New Game Plus on any difficulty setting with the help of a reputable contractor.
  • We must beat the game on a medium or higher difficulty setting to reach our benchmark.
  • Follow Nicole’s investigation to become whole again.
  • See the alternate ending for the reunion on any difficulty setting.
  • On whatever difficulty setting, finish Chapter 12 of Exodus.

Dead Space Remake Trophy – Bronze:-

  • Greetings, Finish Chapter 1 on every difficulty setting.
  • Lab Rat, Complete Chapter 2 at any level of difficulty.
  • On any difficulty setting, finish Chapter 3 with All Systems Go.
  • Complete Chapter 4 of Cannon Fodder on every difficulty setting.
  • On any difficulty setting, complete Chapter 5 as True Believer.
  • Complete Chapter 6 of Greenhouse Effect on any difficulty level.
  • SOS, Complete Chapter 7 on every difficulty level.
  • On whatever difficulty setting, finish Chapter 8 of Strange Transmissions.
  • Wreckage, Finish Chapter 9 on every difficulty level.
  • Complete Chapter 10 of Keeper of the Faith on every difficulty setting.
  • Complete Chapter 11 of Betrayed on every difficulty setting.
  • Own each and every weapon inside the game.
  • Kill 30 enemies automatically using the Pulse Rifle.
  • Kill 30 opponents with the flamethrower in Live with the Hot Ones.
  • Kill 30 opponents with the Ripper in A Cut Above.
  • In Pusher, Use the Force Gun to kill 30 opponents.
  • Kill 30 opponents with Line Gun as the Eviscerator.
  • In Full Contact, Use the Contact Beam to eliminate 30 opponents.
  • In Pack Rat Put twenty-five things in storage.
  • Gather 75 Logs for Storyteller.
  • Receive 150 Logs for the Legend Teller.
  • In Merchant, Gather each schematic.
  • In Marksman Cut off 50 Limbs
  • Dismember 500 Limbs, Surgeon.
  • Wishbone: Use Kinesis to cut off a dangling limb.
  • Raise the stakes and eliminate a foe
  • In Freeze, Stasis 50 opponents.
  • In Backbreaker, Stomp 10 opponents to death.
  • Face the enemy and escape the firing gallery.
  • Kill a brute using brute force.
  • Eliminate the Leviathan, exterminator.
  • Kill the Leviathan Remnant, get off my ship.
  • Kill the hive mind, kill the mindless prey.
  • In Marked, First time picking up a Marker fragment.

Final Words:-

The PlayStation trophies for the first Dead Space were noted to be extremely difficult to obtain. There are over 50 trophies, and while the majority of them are completion based you must finish each chapter of Dead Space.

Which is we can use weapons, and kill specific opponent types there are also some challenging and challenging medals. Finding the enigmatic Peng Treasure and completing Level 6 of Zero-G Basketball are challenging prizes.

Although there are some curious additions and alterations, the Dead Space remake’s trophy list is mainly comparable to that of the original game. The majority of the Dead Space narrative arc appears to be the same.

All of the chapter-based trophies are present in the Dead Space remake. Similar, if not identical, combat trophies are also common.


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