Mobile Legends KOF Event, 2023 Release Date, Rewards And More!

In some days the Mobile legends KOF event will release, and we will able to play in this event. The KOF event in Mobile Legends gives you many rewards and skins, which you have to play less diamonds to get those skins.

All of the legendary fighting game franchise’s previously published collaborative skins will be available for purchase at the Mobile legends KOF event. In the mobile MOBA game, the Mobile legends KOF skins are among the most well-liked skin series.

In this post we will see further more about the Mobile Legends KOF Event. What is the release date and what are the rewards we will get in this event.


When Is The Release Date Of Mobile Legends KOF Event ?

Mobile Legends KOF Event

According to a leak, the KOF event in Mobile Legends could take place in January 2023. When Skin Karina, Chou, and Guinevere debuted their initial skins in 2019, this King Of Fighter collaborative skin was also first published.

On January 23, 2023, KOF event in Mobile Legends repeat will be released, according to their official Twitter account. Players will have another opportunity to obtain these official Mobile Legends KOF skins throughout the event.


Complete The Quest In Mobile Legends KOF Event :-

You can complete a quest when you reach this stage to earn an extra stamp that you can use to sketch during the KOF event in Mobile Legends. To obtain a total of Seventeen stamps from all this event, you can complete the quest once again for the second phase.

  • When you Game Login you get 1 Ticket.
  • When you Top-up 1 time you get 2 Tickets.
  • When you Top-up 100 diamond you get 3 Tikets.
  • When you Top-up 250 diamond you get 5 Tikets.
  • When you Using 100 diamonds you get 3 Tickets.
  • When you Using 250 diamonds you get 3 Tickets.

With just 250 diamonds, you have the chance to obtain the KOF skin or perhaps additional Epic skins that you haven’t yet obtained. But in order to be certain of winning the KOF skin, we must first create a bingo pattern that contains three distinct patterns vertical, horizontal, and diagonal.

And the Mobile legends KOF Skin would make a comeback sometime in this month possibly even before a new year. As gamers, all we have to do is wait for the Mobile legends KOF Event to happen this year or the year after.

The reason is that, even if KOF also isn’t released, we can still anticipate a new Mobile Legends and Star Wars partnership that will be released this year.


What Are The Mobile Legends KOF Skins We Will Get ?

The list of featured skins for the forthcoming event is given below.

Mobile Legends KOF Event

  • Karina Leona
  • Aurora Kula Diamond
  • Gusion K
  • Chou Iori Yagami
  • Guinevere Athena Asamiya
  • Dyrroth Orochi Chris


How To Mobile Legends KOF Skins For Free?

The future KOF event repeat will offer gamers the opportunity to obtain free tickets to select from the event, similar to prior cooperation events.

The pre-register event will provide participants one free ticket, as per the data miner Kazuki Official. By completing numerous event activities that will be made available along with the Mobile Legends KOF event replay, players can increase their ticket earnings.

In the first 10 draws of the tournament, players are assured to get the Karina Leona skin. In their first ten drawings, players who already had the featured skin unlocked would get a random Epic tier skin.

Unlike the Mobile legends Bang Bang x Star Wars cooperation event, which was only made available in a few Southeast Asian territories, the Mobile Legends KOF event is available to everyone, so players won’t have to worry about being kept out.


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