Apex Legends Marvel Skins: How to Get Free?

Apex Legends Marvel Skins: If you are a Marvel fan this article is going to be very useful for you. So now grab your Marvel DVDs because the spellbound collection event is finally here in Apex Legends.

If we talk about this spellbound collection event we have two themes into which the event has been splitted. In which first is the high fantasy and the second one is the Marvel characters.

If it talks about the apex Legends Marvel skin the players will going to see various characters in which, Crypto as Doctor Strange, ser as the witch.

So today in this article we will be covering the latest news which is the apex Legend Marvel skin. We will be covering each and every detail you need to know about the apex Legend Marvel skin.

Apex Legends Marvel Skins: About The Event

Apex Legends Marvel Skins

So firstly let’s talk about the apex legends spellbound event collection so if we come on the skin there will be 9 Legend skins. Moreover, when it comes to the Apex Legend Marvel skins all the skin will be inspired by the mages wizards, and magic lore.

Since the Apex Legends spellbound connection event was aired on January 10, 20, and 23 will be completed by January 24, 2023.

And all the costumes which will be present in the game will look alike the Marvel collection. So if you are a Marvel fan this introduction of new skins will be very fantastic for you.

Skin which is introduced in the Apex Legends Marvel skin are:

Apex Legends Marvel Skins

  1. Necro smasher legendary mad Maggie skin: now the mad Maggi will have the Necro Smasher skin with a skull shoulder plate.
  2. Celestial sage legendary seer skin: in the skin we will be able to see Blue and Golden trimmed mage outfits.
  3. Cryptic conjurer legendary Crypto skin: now cripto will be granted a skin by cryptic conjurer.
  4. Down umber legendary fuse skin: The down Umber legendary fuse skin will be available in the event tab for 2400 crafting metals or 18 Apex coin during the event
  5. Mischief maze legendary Miraj skin: the new skin will appear in a bright tea and Golden trimmed outfit. And this can will be available in the event for 2400 crafting metal and 1800 Apex coin.
  6. Enchantress Vantage skin: the ancient dress gain is available in the event. And also you will be able to see a fantastic costume with armour pieces with pink runes running.
  7. Phoenix rising legendary Horizon skin: in this can you will see a powerful witch. And this skin will be very much similar to the Marvels Scarlet witch.
  8. Masquerade maruader epic ash skin: this can will be looking like an elegant statue fit without masquerade mask.
  9. Sky drifted epic valkyrie skin: this can will appear with a blue and Golden outfit matching with many other legends in the event.

All though if you are a fan of Marvel this could be a very amazing experience for you. Because most of the costumes appearing in the spellbound collection event is very much similar to the Marvel character appearance.

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