Destiny 2 Free Bright Dust: How To Get?

Looking for the Destiny 2 Free Bright Dust? Don’t worry, we tell where you can get it. As Destiny 2 is greeting the Chinese New Year on January 22 with a new emblem as well as other cosmetics. The Destiny 2 Free Bright Dust will remain in your account until used, so you are not required to utilise it this week.

Destiny 2 Free Bright Dust

Just do check in Destiny’s Eververse Calendar to see what things will be made available as Free Bright Dust in Destiny 2 for the remainder of the season. In this post we will see how to Destiny 2 free bright dust, what other cosmetics you will get and also the rewards.


Why Destiny 2 Giving Free Bright Dust?

A succession of digital red envelopes are available for players to collect each day when they log in. Alluding to a Chinese custom of good fortune and wealth during the Lunar New Year.

Traditionally, people exchange good wishes and money in these envelopes with their family, friends, and coworkers. According to legend, the origin of Chinese New Year customs can be traced to a conflict with the Nian.

A monster that would manifest at the Lunar New Year and devour both humans and animals. In an effort to scare the monster away, people burned candles, exhibited red paper or bamboo, and dressed in red.

The festival lasts for 15 days, therefore participants may expect to receive as many as 15 envelopes carrying Bright Dust. Uncertainty surrounds whether Bungie will continue to provide these incentives during the whole real-world holiday.


How To Get Destiny 2 Free Bright Dust?

This week, users of Destiny 2 can get free Bright Dust. To get it follow the steps given below.

Destiny 2 Free Bright Dust

  • Simply sign into Destiny 2 to receive 880 free Bright Dust.
  • Go to the Eververse by navigation.
  • Next, select the weekly special link in the lower right corner.
  • By doing this, the Free Bright Dust in Destiny 2 will be added to your account.

Do you have any idea why it is 880? This is due to the fact that in China, the number 8 is seen as lucky and prosperous. In keeping with tradition, during the New Year’s festivities, people exchange red envelopes filled with cash.


What Is The Bright Dust In Destiny 2 ?

Bright Dust in Destiny 2 is the in-game money. Players can usually get it for free by completing bounties and Triumphs or by receiving it as a bonus with paid content packages like the season pass. Silver, but at the other hand, must be bought with real money.

How much Bright Dust in Destiny 2 will be in each envelope is a matter that Bungie has not yet revealed. However, for a few weeks after Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Bundle was launched.

All players had access to 700 free Bright Dust per week. The exotic emote Origami Crane can cost up to 3250 Bright Dust, which is the highest price of the event-based Bright Dust in Destiny 2.


Cosmetics For Destiny 2 Free Bright Dust :-

In Destiny 2, a few more Chinese New Year cosmetics can be found, although they must be purchased and are only offered on specific weeks.

Destiny 2 Free Bright Dust

The Moonshadow Hop ship, Rabbit’s Chase Sparrow, and Lunar Lagomorph Ghost Shell are available during weeks 7 – 11 of Season of the Seraph. Only Silver will be needed to purchase these things.

The weekly reset on January 17 should mark the debut of the new cosmetics. Whether Destiny 2 Free Bright Dust awards will be accessible on that day. The Lunar New Year’s launch, which starts on January 22, is not yet known.


Final Words :-

Destiny 2 Free Bright Dust can be used to purchase a ship, a Sparrow, many event-themed emotes. A lamp-shaped Ghost shell, and other event-related goodies. A customised Sparrow with the a rabbit insignia attached to the front.

The ship decorated in Lunar New Year details, and a Riskrunner decoration with red and gold design are among the items that can be purchased with Silver. Players will receive a Lunar New Year symbol as part of the event, however it’s unclear if they will have to pay for it.


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