How To Fix WOW Incompatible Server Issue – Fix It Now!

WOW Incompatible Server is the issue which is causing problems to players. As players of World of Warcraft occasionally experience issues connecting to the game or starting it, as is the case with all online games. Don’t worry every incompatible wow server glitch and issue has a fix in this post.

WOW population incompatible, which an error message is occasionally shown when a player is experiencing a problem. And of the known bugs, one of them refers to an WOW population incompatible and unavailable servers.

Since several individuals are also attempting to figure out the fixes. We shall repeat the advice provided by Blizzard in support. If you don’t know how to Fix it, read this post it will clear your dought and also solve the WOW incompatible server issue.


Why The WOW Incompatible Server Is Causing Problem?

WOW Incompatible Server

Dec 22, 2022 After a patch, logging into World of Warcraft may cause you to see incompatible server realms. Your game client’s version doesn’t really match the one on our servers, which is why this happens.

If the update doesn’t happen right away, restart your computer then open the desktop programme once more. To fix the issue, the solution is given in the next paragraph do follow.


How To Fix The WOW Incompatible Server?

According to player reports on the WoW forums, the error message Servers unavailable. WOW population incompatible may appear when you try to connect into World of Warcraft and attempt to join a server. If this applies to you, there are numerous ways to fix the incompatible WOW servers bug.

  • To fix damaged game files, run the repair tool.
  • Install again if the issue still exists. In some rare instances, reinstalling it will fix the launcher issue.
  • Install World of Warcraft once again if the issue continues.

If after trying all of these fixes you are still having issues, you could want to check the status of servers on the World of Warcraft website and perhaps your connection since the issue might also be caused by a network bug.


Another Way To Fix The WOW Incompatible Server :-

The WOW depends on consistent connections between the client computer as well as the server. If there is any quarrel between them, the playing time is up.

Wow Incompatible Server

If a Realm Selection menu shows incompatible realms, your game version differs from the one on the server. To solve the problem with WoW incompatible realms, follow these procedures.

  • Quit playing World of Warcraft.
  • Close entirely.
  • Relaunch the programme.
  • The request to update WoW will come.
  • Start the game and have fun selecting your worlds.


How To Fix The WOW Incompatible Server Classic realms?

Traditional kingdoms cannot coexist. You should restart the Blizzard programme as Blizzard has suggested as a fix in this instance.

The Blizzard Desktop App’s WOW tab should be opened. Select Options as well as Check for Updates to manually check for downloads.

  • Relaunch the Blizzard App.
  • Please make sure Agent is shut.
  • then shut down the Blizzard Desktop App.
  • Next, use Ctrl+Shift+Esc to launch your Task Manager.
  • Find Agent.exe and click End Process if it’s there. And if you’re running Windows 10, you must check the Details tab.
  • The Blizzard App should be reopened and updated.
  • Launch the Scan or rather Repair utility.

This are all the fixes that can slove the incompatible WOW server, or population incompatible. Try all of this solution and try us which one help you. You can follow us in Social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account for more interesting updates and fixes.


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