How To Fix Destiny 2 Operation Sancus Mission Bug – Fix It Now!

Players have claimed that they are not receiving updates or progress on the Destiny 2 Operation Sancus mission.

Some players have claimed that the fault is comparable to one they had during the Seraph mission. That the support team’s remedy was successful in fixing the issue.

So in this post we will see if any fix of Destiny 2 Operation Sancus bug in available or not. Or If not available then when it will fix by the official’s. I think some of players are yave this issue, forget it lets see in the next paragraph.


The Operation Sancus Mission Destiny 2 :-

After looting the Seraph Chest and obtaining the submind data, Destiny 2 players can start working on the favour Rasputin requested. Players will notice a new node for Operation Sancus Missions in lower right corner of the H.E.L.M. map.

Players who have completed the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. strike will be able to recognise this area since this action is taking place in the same building. Players shouldn’t have any issue killing the boss im Operation Sancus Mission.

Also using the elevator to collect the data within the facility because the objective isn’t too long and doesn’t have any respawn-restricted locations.


How To Fix The Destiny 2 Operation Sancus Bug :-

Destiny 2 Operation Sancus

Fortunately, the problem has been acknowledged and is being looked upon by the game’s support staff. Additionally, the developers stated that in order to get around this problem.

Players should retry the quest, walk more slowly, and wait on Rasputin fully finish speaking before going on to the next area. The Destiny 2 forum reacted quickly to the problem, with many gamers offering suggestions and guidance to assist others solve it.

The support crew has also been responsive to player complaints regarding the Operation Sancus Mission bug. And it is anticipated that a more long-lasting fix will be offered in a subsequent release.

Players are encouraged to exercise caution when completing the Operation Sancus Mission Destiny 2 objective and to use the support team’s solution in the interim to prevent running into the bug.


How To Complete The Destiny 2 Operation Sancus Mission?

To complete the Operation Sancus Mission Destiny 2 follow this steps of information. You will surely complete the mission in no time. The Cosmodrome Map will then display a new icon. This is the upcoming mission, Operation Sancus Mission Destiny 2 which takes place in the Cosmodrome’s Grotto.

The location will seem familiar if you’ve already made a few strikes. This is where the Strike Fallen S.A.B.E.R. starts, where you have to protect Rasputin against an extremely powerful Shank. Who wants to take over Rasputin’s Golden Age Warsats which are still in orbit.

Destiny 2 Operation Sancus

First Enter the Bunker in Operation Sancus Mission: You may get to the Bunker entrance by following the dirt route that is studded with Fallen. Rasputin will even speak briefly on “how many breaches of the Bunker there have been” as you arrive.

We will go inside the Mine, which opens up rapidly into the more modern bunker that we have grown accustomed to. A vent you could crawl through is immediately visible if you turn right.

Jump through the opening you have made. When you arrive in a new location, you’ll discover a control room. It can be interacted with to reveal the diamond door.

Dregs, Marauders, Vandals, and so of course one Captain will attack you if you go to the lowest floor. The lengthy passage will lead you to a spacious chamber with a huge Servitor in the middle. Send the Servitor packing first, then concentrate on the troops.


Second, Activate the Elevator In Operation Sancus Mission: The terminal will then need to be accessed in order to turn on the elevator platform. There are a number of computers in the area behind the Servitor that all have the diamond design we’ve been seeing on each and every expedition. The platform you are standing on will start to descend if you interact with it.


Third Enter The Vault In Operation Sancus Mission: Like many other villains we’ve eliminated in prior seasons, Rasputin will acknowledge that he intended to control the Traveler’s position. However, Ana Bray served as the “angel on his shoulder” and stopped him.

Poor Rasputin, the Guardian is suffering. Anyhow, there is a huge diamond door on the lower floor. We’re going to need to enter this vault. Then, you will need to return to the H.E.L.M. with that information. That concludes Destiny 2 Operation Sancus Mission.


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