Play Mobile Legends Event M4: Get 1 Million, Legendary Skin And More!

Play Mobile Legends Event M4 in going to happen in the game. All of you are excited about hearing this new. Registration of M4 Pass in world championship has already begin. In this post we will see all the update and news of Play Mobile Legends Event M4, how to register, what will the reward, and skins in the event.

How To Enter In The Play Mobile Legends Event M4?

Play Mobile Legends Event M4

Through the linked link, interested players can access the official event website. To take part in the Mobile legends event M4, you must have an MLBB account. The two teams out of each group that will advance to the upper bracket.

And winner’s bracket, in the knockout stage must be predicted by the players. Players who are unsure of which teams they believe will win the top bracket can use the Quick Click button to select at random.


Release Date of Legendary Skin And Other Events :-

Any player who checks in and has a level 5 battle night chest will have access to all Epic as well as Legendary skins for free on January 21 in the play Mobile Legends Event M4.

Play Mobile Legends Event M4

If players take part in the combat night, they will also receive points for their chests. If you want to level up a battle night chest, you can use these points to do so.

Additionally, a party week will run from January 16 to January 22. All players will obtain 100% more experience, battle points, star-raising points, plus protection points after each match during this time.

This M4 pass will now be offered between December 10 and January 22, 2019. The very first 1,000 Experience Points gained during in the pass will be awarded to players who pre-register for it.


You Will Win 1 Million In M4 Event in Mobile Legends :-

In the Play Mobile M4 Event you can also win a piece of the $1 million diamond prize pool. On this one, there are no trial awards or link exchanges. Simply go to events, then community, and then press the banner to discover it.

Identifying which two teams from each bracket will prevail is the first task. Once finished, press submit for Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D. Make sure you chose the proper teams because decisions once made cannot be altered.

Additional tokens are also available through additional tasks. Your entrance into the $1,000,000 prize pool is this token. You can press the Support Rate to check which team has the most guesses if you’re not sure how to choose the best one.


Ways To Win 1 Million In Play Mobile Legends M4 Event :-

There are 2 ways to participate in the prize pool in accordance with the rules. First, 19 tokens are exchanged. You will be on the list if you exchange it. According to the rules, the divided awards increase as the number of players on the list decreases. The top prize is a choice of skins valued 899 diamonds. The cheapest is a mix of tickets and pieces.

Correctly predicting the top 6 teams there in knockout stage is the second way to get into the prize pool. And that got under way on January 4. This implies that if you correctly predict the six teams participating in the knockout stage in such guessing games, you will be involved.

In this Mobile Legends Event M4, where permanent skins serve as the primary reward, you can draw using your tokens.

  • Epic chest skin
  • Elite chest skin
  • Normal chest skin

For each draw, one token is needed. Therefore, you may spend these coins at the store to trade them for a permanent skin. Elite skin chests cost 2,500 points, while regular skin chests cost 1,100 points.

Mobile Legends M4 Pass in M4 World Championship And What Will You Get In This Pass :-

The M4 World Championship is the game’s biggest annual competition, and those who purchase the play Mobile Legends Event M4 Pass will be entitled to a variety of bonuses.

Users who purchase the pass will get access to two new Beatrix skins, distinctive cosmetic effects, and extra in-game goodies including emblems, magic dusts, as well as free trial cards starting on December 20.

Here is a quick overview of a contents of this combat pass, which contains the lot of stuff and will help you know what to expect. There are two options available for buying the pass, and each one costs either 399 and 699 gems.

Moreover this Light Chaser Beatrix skin will instantly accessible after making any purchase. For 699 gems, you can get a special M4 trail effect and a two-level head start.



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