All the Latest NBA 2k23 1.09 Patch Notes Updates & NBA 2k23 Season 4 New Updates are Here!

NBA 2K23 1.09 Patch Notes & Updates have arrived just before the upcoming Season 4. Here’s everything about NBA 2k23 Patch Notes for 1.09 and more at our latest GA guide. Let’s see everything about NBA 2k23 Live Update Patch Notes 1.09, Season 4 countdown, season 4 rewards leaked here in your GA end.

NBA 2k23 Season 4 is about to commence from Jan 13, 2022, and the basketball game fans have already been waiting for the new season too. But before that several NBA 2k23 Season 3 players hace been complaining of bugs and technical glitch issues too.


A plethora of NBA 2k23 1.09 patch updates have been unleashed for the current incumbent season 3, before revealing more about Season 4 of NBA 2k23, here we will discuss more and share about NBA 2k23 1.09 patch notes.

All the Latest NBA 2k23 1.09 Patch Notes Updates 

Right from general to gameplay, all the new latest NBA 2k23 1.09 patch notes are here now.

General NBA 2k23 1.09 Patch Updates 

  • A brand new exclusive game mode named Eras Quick Play also go live from the Season 4.
  • The rare disconnect that occurs in the game’s Play Now Online games when toggling camera settings is also fixed too.
  • Bob Lanier “16” stripe is also included to the Detroit Pistons uniforms
  • Sorted many visual issues with the City courts for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Phoenix Suns, and also finally the San Antonio Spurs too.

Gameplay Updates for NBA 2K23 Patch Notes 1.09 

NBA 2k23 1.09 Patch Notes

  • On-ball steal effectiveness after reaching across the ball handler’s body and from behind is decreasing too
  • Medium Anklebreaker reactions gotten removed from Triple Threat moves
  • The team of NBA 2k23 has also resolved a rare issue that triggered all the NBA 2k23 players to go below the floor

All tje MyNBA/THE W – NBA 2K23 Patch Notes 1.09

  • Continued fixes and improvements is now made available by the team of NBA 2k23 for MyNBA, MyNBA Online, and finally The W too
  •  when players go into the Trade Finder menu a hang like bug was there and this has also been addressed too
  • Season awards from the MyNBA are overridden with players being at positions different from the first initial winners too
  • A rare hang from the My NBA which occurs simulating through the season with a highly customized league is sorted too
  • Shoes in The W that do not match MyPLAYER’s signed brand are also available to get from the Street look.

MyTEAM Updates for NBA 2k23 Patch Notes 1.09

  • Altered all the in-game zoom and camera focus issues in Triple Threat Online games
  • Images not loading for Uniform Cards in Option Packs is solved now
  • Lineup rules will avoid the boosted Dynamic Duo gem colors for all the player cards

All About NBA 2K23 Season 4 Updates  

NBA 2k23 season 4 official release date is January 13, 2023, but the developers are yet to announce about the official release date of NBA 2k23 Season 4 is what baffling most of the gamers here.

New rewards and items will be available to unlock on NBA 2k23 Season 4 from this Friday too, stay tuned to GA for more NBA 2k23 season 4 leaks and updates from our GA end here.

Conclusion for NBA 2k23 Season 4 

And now That’s everything and a wrap from our Gaming Acharya guide for the latest NBA 2k23 Season 4 release date , leaks, skins, and more here on your GA.

Stay tuned for more NBA 2k23 Season 4 leaks release date updates and also more about the NBA 2k23 Season 3 1.09 patch notes too here at our GA end. Follow Gaming Acharya for more NBA 2k23 season 4 updates and leaks here too.

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