How to Easily Fix the New Tower Of Fantasy Shutting Down in 2023 – Know It Here Now!

Tower Of Fantasy Shutting Down in 2023 is the latest issue to all the players in this open-world RPG game. And Hotta Studio is yet to open up about the shutting down and crashing of Tower of Fantasy. Here’s how to fix Tower of Fantasy Shutting Down and PC Crash issues on our GA guide.

In the recent past, Tower of Fantasy Wanderers and Travelers have had a plethora of technical bugs, errors, and issues. And the most irritating one is Tower Of Fantasy getting shut or crashing for PC too.

But on the good side, all these irritating issues of Tower of Fantasy can be easily fixed with our GA steps and tips. Now we will help you to fix and recover thre shutting down and pc crashing issues for Tower Of Fantasy in 2023 easily here.

How to Fix Tower Of Fantasy Shutting Down in 2023?

Here are all the best steps to fix Tower of Fantasy Shutting Down bugs and crash server errors on your PC or mobiles too.

Configuration Files

One of the best options to fix the shutting down and server crash problems for Tower Of Fantasy can be to change the config files on your PC, as this can rapidly bring in a positive response too.

Graphics Driver and Cards

Make sure that always your PC is having the latest graphics card and drivers. If not, then immediately update the graphics drivers and also clear the corrupted graphics drivers to fix this new Tower of Fantasy issues too.

Windows Updates

Install all the latest windows updates on your PC, as old or out dated os on PC will never let you to play the Tower Of Fantasy game without any errors or issues too.

Tower Of Fantasy Shutting Down

Antivirus Can be Disabled

Sometimes if the antivirus is enables, Tower of Fantasy tends to slow down or close without opening. Try to disable antivirus on your PC to overcome any of these Tower of Fantasy issues too.

Internet Connectivity 


Check if your internet is good enough to play the Tower of Fantasy game on your PC, else just restart your wifi to check if the shutting down issues on Tower of Fantasy go away too. Always have a high speed internet connection to solve every Tower Of Fantasy related issues too.

Delete and Reinstall 

The last and final and only option to overcome Tower Of Fantasy Shutting Down issues even in 2023 is to delete the game and reinstall it once again. Try reinstalling the game and download it again, else clear cache for Tower Of Fantasy too as this may solve all the Tower Of Fantasy related bugs too.


And that’s everything about Tower of Fantasy Shutting Down in 2023 mess updates and guides from our GA end. Stay tuned to GA for more Tower Of Fantasy related game updates and exclusive news articles here at our Gaming Acharya end too.

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Is Tower Of Fantasy Good even in 2023?  

Yes, Hotta Studio has taken the game’s level to top, as every wanderer and traveler in Tower Of Fantasy has had fantastic visuals, gameplay, stories and experience too.

Tower Of Fantasy is all set to become one of the best action anime RPGs in 2023 too. Stay tuned for more Tower of Fantasy leaks at our GA end too.

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