Encroaching Heat WoW Dragonflight Quest Easy #2 Guide & Pathway

The new encroaching heat WoW quest has been a tougher one for many players of Dragonflight expansion. Encroaching heat is a common WoW Dragonflight world quest where players must teleport one fish to another location. Here’s encroaching heat WoW quest guide and walkthrough on your GA.

This encroaching heat WoW Dragonflight expansion quest will unlock many new fish dishes on WoW. Encroaching heat WoW quest also happens in the waking shores regions.

For succesfully completing this quest in WoW Dragonflight, you can easily acquire half boiled fishes too. Here’s how to complete the encroaching quest in World of Warcraft easily too.

Encroaching Heat WoW Dragonflight Quest Guide & Pathway

Waking shores will be the spot for this new world quest, and the new encroaching quest is all about carrying the half-boiled fish to the NPC elder unujaak, who’s also a humanoid NPC from the waking shores region too.

This new world WoW Dragonflight quest can be attained once after getting the Renown 11 with Iskara Tuskarr. Also get the new Chieftain’s Duty quest at renown 11. Then complete the renown 11 in WoW Dragonflight to get the half boiled fish too from the river regions.

Go to the Uktulut Backwater (/way 53.18, 37.59) and find most of the Half-boiled fish deep under the water. Find them and hand it to the NPC, you could also find many fish over there. And sometimes this encroaching quest may be also bugged too.

Also don’t go here before reaching Renown 11 as you can’t find the half boiled fish over the river there now. So just complete the renown 11 quest line in order to get this half boiled fish at the river zone and then again you must all travel to hand it over to the NPC too. This WoW Dragonflight quest is done on level 70 itself too.

Encroaching heat WoW
Die Wunder Der Welt WoW

All Rewards for Encroaching WoW Dragonflight Quest 

For completing the Encroaching WoW Dragonflight Quest get these rewards too, you will only get some of these for now in WoW Dragonflight expansion.

  • Thousandbite Piranha
  • Aileron Seamoth
  • Cerulean Spinefish
  • Temporal Dragonhead
  • 2 80 90 Half-Boiled Fish Gains
  • 1,200 experience
  • Recipe – Timely Demise
  • Recipe – Seamoth Surprise

Is WoW a Good Game to Play?

Yes WoW Dragonflight is a world class game with fantastic visuals and gameplay. New world quests and bosses in the game are amazing too. Play if for an amazing visual experience and the intriguing WoW stories too.

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The breathing and challenging quests of World of Warcraft keeps you hooked and engaging throughout the game. The various exotic locations and powerful weapons with the dragons all these make World of Warcraft one of the top most battle games in the world.


That’s all and a wrap for Encroaching WoW Dragonflight Quest from our GA end. As all details to complete the Encroaching World of Warcraft Dragonflight quest steps and tips along with the best tricks and strategies have also been given here too.

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