#1 New Ash Ketchum Fortnite Skin Price & Cosmetics

Is Ash Ketchum Fortnite possible soon? As soon as Pokemon x Fortnite 2023 Collab news got viral, there have been numerous leaks over whether which Pokemon characters will make their way to Fortnite itemshop soon, and the news is that the famous fictional character from Pokemon played by Rica Matsumoto will be the very first Pokémon skin in Fortnite as of now.

Ash Ketchum or also known as Satoshi in Japanese versions of the Anime, is a highly rated and one of the most popular characters ever from Pokemon, and also Sarah Natochenny has given her voice for this cute little Pokemon.

Ash Ketchum is the main lead of many Pokemon Anime series and manga, and him being the very first Pokemon into Fortnite itemshop will be a no brainer too. Here’s all about Ash Ketchum skins and cosmetics in Fortnite itemshop, price and more.

Ash Ketchum Fortnite Skin Price & Cosmetics

Ash Ketchum will get an exclusive new Fortnite skin, outfit, and some other cosmetics too. Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 will unvault Ash Ketchum outfit and cosmetics very soon, and Epic Games are yet to announce about Ash Ketchum Fortnite outfit and item bundle names too.

Ash Ketchum Fortnite

Ash Ketchum is sure to get an exclusive Fortnite item bundle and an unbelievable slashing new pickaxe along with a dashing Ash Ketchum outfit in the Fortnite itemshop in 2023, through the Fortnite x Pokemon Collab for 2023.

Once Epic Games and Fortnite announce about the Ash Ketchum Fortnite skin and outfit leaks, we will get to know the entire Ash Ketchum item bundle price in Fortnite itemshop, along with Ash Ketchum Fortnite skin and cosmetic price too. Let’s wait for more Ash Ketchum from Fortnite x Pokemon crossover event news soon in 2023.

Ash Ketchum Skin Release Date in Fortnite 

As of now we have no clarity on when will the Ash Ketchum outfit and item bundle will come to Fortnite, and again Ash Ketchum skins and cosmetics will come to Fortnite itemshop from the team of Epic Games and Fortnite too.

Once we get more info about Ash Ketchum item bundle date news and leaks, we will update more soon. Fortnite x Pokemon collab will update more about Ash Ketchum leaks about item bundle soon too.

Ash Ketchum Fortnite

More About Fortnite x Pokemon 

Fortnite x Pokémon collab is sure to be an exciting collaboration from 2023, and Epic Games will update more about Fortnite x Pokemon collaboration news and updates soon. You can also check the Pokemon x Fortnite trailer which has been trending since the Fortnite x Pokemon Collab news for the past 2 days.

Fortnite x Pokemon collab will bring on more Ash Ketchum skins, outfits news and leaks soon. Fortnite x Pokemon is one of the most expected collaborations in 2023 from Epic Games. Ash Ketchum and other Pokemon skins from Fortnite are expected to arrive soon too.


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