New Pokemon x Fortnite Collab Official News 2023

Is Pokemon x Fortnite happening in January 2023? Is Pokemon coming to Fortnite chapter 4? Here’s everything about Pokemon x Fortnite collab 2023 news. Fortnite x Pokemon crossover is really an unexpected one from Epic Games.

Pokemon x Fortnite collab along with a. New trailer has officially been confirmed, and even a Pikachu is expected to arrive in Fortnite itemshop very soon as per the leaks. Here’s all about is Pokemon coming to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 edition through our Fortnite x Pokemon Collab guide and leaks.

Ever since the news was leaked last year, every Fortnite and Pokemon has always wanted to see this highly anticipated Collab, and it seems highly likely that Fortnite x Pokemon 2023 collab is happening for sure. Here are the latest Fortnite x Pokemon collaboration crossover event leaks and updates.

Pokemon x Fortnite – Is Pokemon Coming to Fortnite?

Yes, Pokemon and Pikachu are officially making their way into Fortnite, but Epic Games are yet to announce the Collab date for Fortnite x Pokemon crossover event news. But it’s a certainty that Fortnite x Pokemon Collaboration event is happening damn sure in 2023 itself.

Though Epic Games and Fortnite are yet to announce their Pokémon collaboration date on the battle royale game, yet the fans of Fortnite world wide are upbeat that the collab will go live soon and sooner.

Let’s wait and watch if Pokemon is coming to Fortnite anytime before March 2023 or even before that, as Epic Games has not planned any major Fortnite events or collaborations for this Jan month in 2023 as of now.

Pokemon x Fortnite

Pokemon x Fortnite Collaboration Event Date

As of now there is no official confirmation on Fortnite x Pokémon Collab news from either of the sure, but it’s highly expected that Fortnite will join hands with Pokemon in the first half of 2023 itself.

We will update more about Fortnite x Pokemon Collab news from our end, once the date for Fortnite x Pokemon Collab is announced, we shall about the same too. Till then you guys can all play Fortnite current quests and challenges to get all the new rewards too.

Fortnite x Pokemon Collab Skins, Cosmetics & More 

A brand new exclusive Pikachu skin, pikachu Cosmetics, and other famous Pokemon skins and cosmetics are expected to arrive in the Fortnite item shop, you can purchase all the new Pokemon skins on the Fortnite itemshop once they are all out too here.

The price of the Pokemon skins, Pokemon skins and cosmetics names from Fortnite have all not been shared yet till now by Epic Games, but you can always watch the Fortnite x Pokémon trailer now.

Pokemon x Fortnite is sure to be an exhilarating combo, and Epic Games will make sure that this new collab will also hit the bullseye. Let’s wait for more official Fortnite x Pokemon collab news and leaks officially from their ends.

But the answer to the question of is Pokemon Coming to Fortnite in 2023 is true, as yes Pokemon is coming to Fortnite in 2023 very very sooner guys. Let’s wait for more Fortnite x Pokemon 2023 Collab official leaks and news too.


That’s everything about Fortnite x Pokemon Collab news and updates from our GA end. Pokemon x Fortnite Collab leaks from our Gaming Acharya end are done for now. Till then you can all play the pending Fortnite new challenges that came out for new year 2023 too.

Is Pokemon Coming to Fortnite 2023, and yes officially the answer is Fortnite coming to Pokemon in 2023. Stay tuned for more Fortnite x Pokémon Collab news from your Gaming Acharya handle too.

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