All About Lucky Tarot Tower Of Fantasy – Event Date, 10 Rewards & More

Have you all completed the new Lucky Tarot Tower Of Fantasy Event? This lucky tarot allows you to flip the tarot cards using the tanium. There are 10 tarot cards in this lucky tarot draw event for Tower Of Fantasy now.

The lucky tarot event draw is happening right now in Tower Of Fantasy and it will be held for a long 5 days, and you just need to spend tanium, for the first one it’s 60, and for the next it’s 240, likewise the tanium cost goes for a total of 10 tarot cards in that sequence.

The overall tanium cost for all 10 tarot cards could be somewhere between 3610 in this new lucky tarot event in Tower of Fantasy game. Here’s everything about lucky tarot in Tower of Fantasy with all the deets.

All About Lucky Tarot Tower Of Fantasy

This new lucky draw event is coming to Tower of Fantasy in about 5 days, the concept is simple, keep flipping the tarot cards with tanium to get weapon batteries, skins, Annabella skins, cosmetics and other gift boxes too.

Total Cost for Lucky Tarot Draw Event from TowerofFantasy

The very first tarot card draw will ask you around 60 tanium, you will get a guaranteed 10 weapon battery and also alongwith the 1 chance of card flip too.

You can also spend more tanium to flip all the tarot cards and receive every 10 rewards from the 10 tarot cards. Get unlimited gift boxes through this tarot card draw event in the Tower Of Fantasy game.

All Lucky Tarot Event Rewards in Tower Of Fantasy 

Starting from weapon battery, there are umpteen rewards that you can all unlock in the lucky tarot Tower of Fantasy event for now. Here are all the rewards in the tarot event in Tower Of Fantasy.

  • Fruit Candy
  • Beauty Beauty Voucher
  • Black Goat Horns
  • Weapon Battery
  • SSR Relic Shard Box
  • Gold Nucleus
  • Proof Of Purchase
  • SR Relic Shard Box
  • Matrix Data Pack III
  • Gold
  • Energy Crystal Dust
  • Booster Module
  • Advancement
  • Module
  • Vitality Solution
  • Joint Supply Chip I

These are all the tarot event rewards in Tower of Fantasy alongside a couple of gift boxes too. Here’s the tanium cost for the Tower Of Fantasy lucky tarot draw event in 2023. You begin with 60 tanium and it goes upto 120, 240, 240, 300, 450, 450, 450, 550, 750, in that order as per the developers Hotta Studio.

Lucky Tarot Tower Of Fantasy
Lucky Tarot

 Conclusion  for Lucky Tarot Tower Of Fantasy 

That’s everything about lucky tarot Tower of Fantasy event from our GA guide. All exclusive updates and information about the lucky tarot event draw for Tower of Fantasy are shared here in our Gaming Acharya handle.

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Lucky Tarot Event in Tower Of Fantasy – Start and End Date

As of now the lucky tarot event in Tower of Fantasy game is scheduled in another 5 days, the tarot evejt is also expected to be available till Jan 16th, 2023 at least. Stay tuned with us for more about tarot draw event rewards and more.

Lucky Tarot Tower Of Fantasy
Lucky Tarot Draw Event

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