#1 Tower Of Fantasy Annabella X Clover Cross: Release Date & More

Hello guys , today we will learn about the Tower Of Fantasy Annabella X Clover Cross. A new character is called Annabella, and if her appearance, behaviour, and garb weren’t enough to establish her profession. she is pretty more a fighting maid, complete with the traditional garb.

The propensity to address the player as master, and a large rifle with the name Clover Cross and the word maid written on it. It features footage of Tower Of Fantasy Annabella X Clover Cross in action and gives you an idea of her fighting prowess.

You won’t have to wait long to try your luck on unlocking Tower Of Fantasy Annabella because we already know that she will become accessible as in game’s gacha on January 12. Annabella is a flame-based simulacrum with a DPS concentration.

Tower Of Fantasy Annabella is described as a mystery young woman who works several part-time jobs. And always adheres strictly to the Master’s instructions. It appears that she sweeps said master’s house and enemies as part of her job, and her catchphrase is business as usual.

So in this article we will see more about the Tower Of Fantasy Annabella X Clover Cross. All the leaks we get and shear to you guys.

Tower Of Fantasy Annabella X Clover Cross:-     

In Tower Of Fantasy Annabella X Clover Cross, Annabella is claimed to work multiple jobs and always appears in maid-like attire. I take care of both your house and your adversaries.

After all, it’s all covered in my services, according to the caption on her introduction picture. It even says MAID on her weapon, the Clover Cross. The trailer for Tower Of Fantasy Annabella X Clover Cross only provides a brief glimpse of what she is capable of.

With her ranged assaults living up to her confident claim that she can defeat any foes you might need to deal with. She complies with her mystery Master’s directives. Clover Cross possesses the fire elemental power, which based on what we can see in the few glimpses we do get.

It will be useful for both sniping down adversaries at a distance and roasting some of the enemies that amass. In the preview, she calls out Ashes of Destruction and uses an ability to call down enemies by bombing, shooting, and decimating them.

Tower of Fantasy Annabella x Clover Cross

The defeated enemies then turn into what appear to be coins. This is only the first glimpse, as with prior simulacra releases, and there will be many more to come. Along with a showcase it should detail the specifics of how fighting the Clover Cross will feel. Tower Of Fantasy Annabella seems like she’ll be a strong team player.

What Is the Trailer About In Tower Of Fantasy Annabella X Clover Cross ?     

In the trailer of Tower Of Fantasy Annabella X Clover Cross is seen wielding her weapon. The Clover Cross, to easily dispatch some foes while wearing her typical maid attire. This is prior to the trailer showcasing some of her lethal manoeuvres.

The Clover Cross is a fire elemental weapon with a lot of firepower and excellent attributes that will come in handy in a number of circumstances.

Tower Of Fantasy Annabella x Clover Cross

You can utilise Scoped Shot, a feature of the weapon’s powers, to eliminate targets from a distance a feature you’d anticipate a sniper rifle having. The other fundamental skills you have access to are Boiling Point or even Aerial Attack.

With them, you can launch a laser shot that detonates upon impact and carry out many airborne attacks. The Missile Command weapon discharge ability lets you shoot a firebomb to detonate it, dealing damage to any foes caught in the blast.

You can also add additional effects towards the sniper rifle’s rounds, such as explosions or a slowing effect, by using boosted magazines like gasbomb or firebomb magazines.

When Will The Tower Of Fantasy Annabella X Clover Cross Release?     

Tower Of Fantasy Annabella X Clover Cross are made available on January 12, Annabella and Clover Cross will undoubtedly be a great addition to your lineup. The Tower of Fantasy crew will tease us till then by hosting an event called Lucky Tarot.

Where you can pay tanium to win tarot cards as rewards. You’ll receive a random box every time I flip a card, and it will always be brand-new to you. There will be ten cards to flip with ten chances to win.

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