Updates on Crustosteo World Of Warcraft #2

Who’s this new Crustosteo World Of Warcraft Dragonflight boss? Many WoW Dragonflight players have spotted a new NPC boss named Crustosteo who’s also the secret Island boss from WoW. Here’s all about Secret Island Crustosteo World of Warcraft Dragonflight boss and more at our GA guide.

The new secret boss from WoW Dragonflight named Crustosteo is also from the hidden island or secret Island too. Lev’al Rock Isle from the south of the Azune Span Zone is said to be the location for this Crustosteo NPC boss.

Why does this Crustosteo boss keep spawning in the WoW Dragonflight dragon isles location? Why did Crustosteo come to the secret Island of WoW Dragonflight? Here’s all about Crustosteo World Of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion news guide at our GA end.

Crustosteo World Of Warcraft – Secret Island Crustosteo

Crustosteo is a giant crab, you would have never seen a big crab like this in any of the WoW Dragonflight locations. The giant Crustosteo crab like creature boss is spawning in the hidden secret Island which is full of bones, abandoned things, plants, and more. But the million dollar question is why did it come there?

Crustosteo World Of Warcraft

The Crustosteo is an elite beast and a level 70 NPC in the Azune Span Zone of WoW Dragonflight expansion. The crab is located in the cave of lev’al rock isles and WoW Dragonflight players are having doubt whether there’s any world quest against this boss in WoW Dragonflight expansion for now.

Crustosteo WoW Dragonflight Loot Items 

Crustosteo the NPC boss in WoW Dragonflight will not drop any loot items. But yet the crab Crustosteo in WoW Dragonflight will reward you with green weapons, spear, cooking ingredients, junks, and that’s it. You can’t hunt or tame Crustosteo World boss in WoW.

Crustosteo World Of Warcraft

Likewise no more reward items from the crab Crustosteo can be expected and are available too in WoW Dragonflight. As of now these are the only updates about Crustosteo boss in WoW Dragonflight.

Crustosteo boss also is not available in World of Warcraft quest, and players of World of Warcraft Dragonflight won’t be required to take on this boss in the world quest. As anything like new world quest named Crustosteo quest in WoW is going to be there as of now. So, those who are asking the tips and tricks, guide and strategies to complete the World of Warcraft Dragonflight Crustosteo quest will never have such complications.

Players of WoW Dragonflight also ask whether if Crustosteo crab boss or NPC is a quest or collectibles or achievements or rewards, but it’s none of these as of now. The giant crab is in the secret hidden island of Azune in WoW Dragonflight.


That’s everything about Crustosteo World Of Warcraft Dragonflight boss and NPC guide at your GA. All updates about the new WoW Crustosteo crab kind of boss have been shared here at your Gaming Acharya end.

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